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FAQ about our Academic Credit Courses

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Are Extended Courses offered for credit?

Courses listed in our Academic Credit Course Listing are offered with an optional academic credit. This option is available if a $135 recording fee is paid on the first day of the course.  To register for an academic credit course, contact the sponsoring organization listed in the course description. 

Non-credit courses are listed on the UMExtended home page. Non-credit courses may offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) approved by The University of Montana, or, in some cases, profession-specific continuing education credits.

Can I apply credits earned through Extended Courses toward a degree?

Since Extended Courses taken for credit earn regular academic credit, the courses may be applied toward a degree. For advice on how best to use these credits, you should check with your advisor.

Can I meet teaching certification requirements with these non-degree courses?

Since academic credit courses through UMExtended have been approved for regular university credit, it is possible to gain credits for recertification this way. For specific questions related to teacher certification, please contact the College of Education & Human Sciences at 406.243.2032.

Is there an admissions process to enroll in an Extended Course?

No formal admission is required, and nonresidents pay the same fees as residents.  Registering for academic credit in an Extended Course does not change your admission status with The University of Montana. 

Can regular UM students enroll in Extended Courses?

Extended Courses are open to everyone. UM students are welcome to attend courses, although the fees for the course do not apply to the tuition "flat spot."

How do I register for an Extended Course?

Extended Courses require registration through sponsoring agencies unless otherwise noted. Participants register for the optional academic credit through the sponsoring agency at the first class meeting.

How will I know if a class has been cancelled?

Extended Courses are offered through a wide variety of sponsoring agencies. Students should check with the specific agency for their policy on notification of course cancellation.

What forms of payment does UM accept?

UM accepts Visa, MasterCard, and personal checks.

How long are most courses?

The actual length of courses varies according to subject matter. Courses can last from just two or three days to the full semester. All course dates are given in the
Academic Credit Course Listing and the Non-Credit Course Listing.

Where are courses held?

Courses meet in a variety of locations. Some courses meet on the UM campus in Missoula, and some meet in diverse locations throughout Montana and around the world. Some are online so that you can login and complete lessons on your own schedule, from your own location.

When and where will my grade be available?

For academic credit courses, grades are available within a few weeks after the final and may be viewed on CyberBear. Grades and credits earned become part of your permanent UM transcript. Students may request official transcripts from the 
Registrar's Office.

Candi Merrill
Interim Program Director

Holly Kulish
Program Coordinator, Extended Courses

Disability Services for Students
The University of Montana is an equal opportunity education provider.  For questions, concerns, or requests for reasonable accommodations, contact Roger Maclean, Dean, School of Extended and Lifelong Learning: 406-243-2983;


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