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Advanced Advertising Concepts: Copywriting

Advertising Copywriting rules and suggestions on a paragraph of text
Date: Tuesdays
Jan 14 - Mar 4 
Time: 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Location: University of Montana campus
James E. Todd Building
Hours of Instruction: 18
Course Fee: $450
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Intro to Advertising Concepts, offered Fall 2013.

Course Description:

This course will change the way you think about advertising and marketing.  The ability to understand what kind of writing is effective and what is likely to be ignored is an essential skill, and forms the basis for creating powerful, engaging, memorable messages.  Building upon what you learned in the Intro to Ad Concepts course, you will learn to avoid common mistakes and obvious solutions, and to come up with messages that stick.

Working with a partner, each week you will solve a communication problem by creating a print ad, TV spot, or other advertising message, which will be discussed in class the following week. By the end of this second advertising course, you will have developed a portfolio of creative concepts that can be used to help inform and guide the marketing decisions of their organizations.

Each week's assignment will include use of a 'creative brief' that gives information about a product or service and aims to target a particular audience:  Topics to be covered include:

  • Using the Creative Brief
  • Compelling copy
  • Discussion: examples of print copy
  • Discussion: examples of copy for broadcast
  • Review of student's work

About the Instructors: Marlene Hutchins and Patrick Hutchins

Marlene graduated in 1978 from the country’s premier ad school, the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, then worked her way up the ranks of several agencies in Los Angeles, including Horlick Levin Hodges. When Montana called, she joined Spiker Communications as Senior Art Director, and was a driving force behind the agency’s work for clients such as First Security Bank and St. Patrick Hospital. Marlene now works with a constellation of the best freelance professionals in the area building brands with focused strategies and creative, campaign-worthy ideas. Marlene’s work has appeared in the CLIO awards, the Lulu awards, and the Addys (Montana and Northwest).

Patrick built his career in advertising on a good old-fashioned liberal arts education. Starting with a degree in English from the University of Washington in Seattle, he later attended the Ad Center in Los Angeles, and soon after, landed that all-important first job at a small agency. A year later he moved to Hakuhodo Advertising America, the LA office of Japan’s second largest advertising agency. There he rose to Senior Copywriter, working on a variety of Japanese brands, including All Nippon Airways, Sapporo Beer, and Kenwood Electronics. In 1989, Patrick was recruited to Spiker Communications in Missoula where, as Creative Director, he spent five years creating award-winning outdoor, print, radio, and television advertising.  Patrick now owns a successful freelance business and also serves as Creative Director with Helena’s Moving Pictures Productions.

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