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Students must be formally admitted to UM prior to registering for Wintersession courses. For more information about admission procedures and forms, please visit


Wintersession 2014 courses are included in the students' total credit load for Spring Semester. Beginning in October, students may register for courses offered during Wintersession 2014, January 2-23. Students access CyberBear and select ‘Spring Semester 2014' under term, then select ‘UM-Wintersession' under Campus. Courses require minimum enrollments, and may be subject to cancellation.

For online courses, do not select 'UM-Wintersession' under Campus. Select 'All' or the appropriate 'Distance Learning' choice and look for courses that have section 90 or higher.

Tuition & Fees

Wintersession is considered part of Spring term. Fees follow the regular state-funded fee schedules.  Student class status and residency will affect fees, and the tuition flat spot will apply. All fees are subject to change without notice.

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office determines eligibility for aid that may cover costs of Wintersession/Spring Semester courses. For consideration of eligibility, students should contact the 
Financial Aid Office in Griz Central as early as possible.

Wintersession at the University of Montana
  • School of Extended & Lifelong Learning
  • The University of Montana
  • 32 Campus Drive
  • Missoula, MT  59812
  • Phone: (406) 243-2900
  • Fax: (406) 243-2047
  • Email: