ix5: Innovative, Imaginative, Inspirational, Interdisciplinary, International

From April 11-15, the University of Montana will host “ix5,” a week-long celebration of today and tomorrow’s innovators from UM and beyond. Throughout the event, thinkers and doers from an array of fields will join UM faculty members, students, and the broader community to showcase their achievements, research, and stories.

The week will feature four discrete conferences that will take place under the umbrella of ix5. On Tuesday, the Mansfield Center will host a day of conversations around Innovation and Imagination in public health. On Wednesday, UM’s Office of Research and Creative Scholarship will bring together UM innovators with local, state, and national partners for conversational talks rich with stories about their efforts to solve problems and make new discoveries; the day will also include an Expo Hall featuring exhibits, art, interactive technology, and performance. Thursday will feature graduate student research, and Friday will conclude the week with undergraduate research. Although each day of ix5 has a distinct theme, they will 

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