Accessibility Resources

Assisted Listening Devices

A number of UM's classrooms and venues are already set up for the use of ALDs, which help guests with hearing impairments listen to a speaker or presentation. If the venue you want isn't already wired for ALDs, we can work with you to get them set up and ready for your event.

Live Captioning

Worried about making your media accessible? Captioning Services are available to render audio into text, so deaf or hard-of-hearing guests won't miss out on any part of your event.

ASL Interpreters

We have access to qualified American Sign Language interpreters, ensuring that any guests who are members of the deaf community will be welcomed.

Accessibility for Power Chairs

Because UM is dedicated to removing barriers, all of our conference centers and virtually all our buildings are accessible for power chairs.

Dealing with Snow

Montana winters are beautiful, but not necessarily easy. A fresh blanket of snow in the morning can present challenges for some, but not at UM. We will have the snow cleared from the sidewalks early, so all of your guests can get to your event without unnecessary difficulty.