Green Conferences

We are happy to partner with you to plan more environmentally responsible events. We have the experience to help organizations save on costs while simultaneously reducing the environmental impacts typically associated with large meetings. We can consult and advise, as well as execute and manage the systems to "GREEN" your conference.

Suggestions Include:

  • Select caterers who provide local and organic food options
  • Select vendors who have conservation and waste management plans in place
  • Work with venues to reduce impacts with food and beverage handling
  • Use suppliers for paper products and other materials who sell recycled and biodegradable wares
  • Assist conference participants in using efficient modes of transportation, including public transportation and ride sharing
  • Consider carbon offsets to make your event carbon neutral
  • offering electronic and online communications and registration systems to eliminate or substantially reduce paper use
  • Reduce waste through efficient recycling

UM Sustainability

Visit the UM Sustainability website to learn about the University of Montana's ongoing efforts to become socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable in our operations, classrooms, and facilities.