Access to University of Montana Facilities

On-Campus Residence Halls and Special Considerations for Residence Hall Access

The Residence Life Office (RLO) is responsible for the overall management and administration of the nine residence halls on campus as well as University Villages and Lewis & Clark Village. The Director of Residence Life is responsible for supervising a team of staff that includes associate directors, assistant directors, area coordinators, community development coordinators, and resident assistants (RAs) who live on the floors. The Residence Life Office is located in 101 Turner Hall. UMPD and the Residence Life Office are jointly responsible for developing and implementing safety measures, procedures, and programs that promote the greatest possible security for the residence halls. Residence Life staff also work with the UMPD Community Liaison Officer and other officers on many issues related to safety and security in the residence halls and apartments.

Main lobby doors to the residence halls are unlocked on weekdays from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. After 8:00 pm, students must use their Griz Cards to gain access to the building where they live. During holidays, break periods, and weekends the halls remain locked throughout the day and students must always use their Griz Card to gain entry to their assigned building. In some buildings, wing doors limit free access within the building. Students who live on floors with wing doors must use their Griz Card to swipe in from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am. Floors or wings in the halls are divided by gender. Guests of the same gender (or relatives) are allowed to stay overnight in the halls with consent of roommates.

Entrances to the residence halls have video security surveillance; and the exterior lighting around the periphery of the buildings is effective and well-maintained. UMPD officers patrol the residence hall areas. Inside residence halls, rooms have safety door viewers and chain door guards. Bulletin boards adjacent to each resident assistant's room keep floor residents abreast of campus events, programs, potential security risks, and campus incidents. Residence Life Staff members are available on a 24-hour basis to address emergencies.

University Villages is comprised of three apartment complexes and is located within four blocks of the Mountain Campus. Students, faculty, staff, and their immediate families are permitted to live in these apartments. Improved lighting, numerous routine patrols by UMPD, and on-going crime prevention efforts have been established for University Villages. Community Assistants (CAs) live in the apartment complexes to assist residents with issues and security. A full-time Area Coordinator works with the University Villages and Lewis and Clark Village apartment communities.

Lewis & Clark Village is located approximately eight blocks from Mountain Campus and consists of 192 two- and three-bedroom apartments in 11 buildings. The Village is designated for single upper class or graduate students. Electronic access, safety viewers, and chain door guards are provided for each apartment. An electronic message sign is strategically located at the mail delivery area to communicate important messages to students. The Village has effective exterior lighting and exterior areas are monitored by video surveillance. Village Assistants (VAs) live in the apartment community and assist in monitoring the Village. All residents are expected to assist in creating a safe, healthy, and productive community.

UM has four residential sororities, three residential fraternities, and one commuter fraternity located off campus. UMPD and the Missoula Police Department share jurisdiction of the residential fraternities and sororities. When a crime is reported at a fraternity or sorority house, the Missoula 911 dispatch center will alert both UMPD and MPD. The two agencies have a formal Mutual Aid Agreement to provide each other with patrol and backup assistance.

Many UM students also live in privately-owned housing within the Missoula community. MPD has jurisdiction over off-campus areas in the City of Missoula.

Other UM Campuses, Facilities, and Properties Missoula College (East and West Campuses)

Missoula College is the two-year college of the University of Montana. The East Campus is located at 909 South Avenue in the City of Missoula, adjacent to Sentinel High School. UMPD officers respond to calls for service on a year-round basis. Because of the location, the Mutual Aid Agreement may be activated to allow for a faster response by MPD.

Missoula College’s West Campus is located at 3639 South Avenue in Missoula County near Fort Missoula. West Campus houses the two-year degree program from the Department of Industrial Technology. UMPD officers respond to calls for service at this location on a yearround basis. Because this campus is located just over four miles from UM’s Mountain Campus, the Mutual Aid Agreement may be activated to allow for a faster response by Missoula County Sheriff’s Deputies.

The Bitterroot College of the University of Montana connects a diverse rural community to a wide array of learning opportunities. This campus is located at 103 South 9th Street in the City of Hamilton, approximately 50 miles south of UM’s Mountain campus. The Hamilton Police Department provides first responder law enforcement to this location on a year-round basis.

UM rents several offices at the Boone and Crockett Club, located at 250 Station Drive in the City of Missoula. MPD provides first responder law enforcement to this location.

Jacob’s Island City Park and the Kim Williams trail are both owned by the City of Missoula and are located adjacent to UM’s main campus. UM works to report all crimes that occur one mile into the portion of the property that borders the campus. Jacob’s Island is a block toward the Clark Fork River from the main UM campus. It is right off the path of the Kim Williams Trail. Jacob’s Island is owned by the City of Missoula. MPD provides first responder law enforcement to this location.

The Kim Williams Trail runs alongside the Clark Fork River and this trail extends into Missoula County and U.S. Forest Service Land. UMPD, MPD, MCSO, and US Forest Service Law Enforcement may respond to a call for service, depending on availability, proximity, and the trail location of the incident. UMPD is made aware of calls for service in these areas and makes an effort to respond alongside other agencies.

MonTEC is a high-growth, technology focused business incubator that offers space, services and support for growth-oriented enterprises. The facility is located across the river from the Mountain Campus at 1121 E Broadway St. MPD provides first responder law enforcement to this location.

The Dornblaser Park and Ride lot, located at the intersection of South Avenue and Higgins Avenue, is a University property for people to park their vehicles and catch a ride on the City of Missoula’s Mountain Line bus. MPD provides first responder law enforcement to this location.

The President’s home is located in the 1300 block of Gerald Avenue in the University District. MPD provides first-responder law enforcement to this location.

Adjacent to and near the Mountain Campus The University owns and operates several houses adjacent to the campus as offices and residences, primarily in the vicinity of 5th and 6th streets. Both the UMPD and MPD patrol these areas. Investigation of crimes occurring at these locations is the responsibility of UMPD.

The spectrUM Discovery Area is a hands-on science center that promotes a culture of learning and discovery for all, with the ultimate goal of inspiring young Montanans to pursue higher education and possibly careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). SpectrUM is located in downtown Missoula in space rented by UM. MPD provides first responder law enforcement to this location.

Fort Missoula encompasses 170 acres and has a patchwork of ownership. UM property at Fort Missoula includes the Field Research Center/Aviary, Nature Center, Storage Facilities, and the Tank Traps. UMPD has jurisdictional authority on the UM properties listed and provides first responder law enforcement to these areas. Because Fort Missoula is located four miles from UM’s Mountain Campus, the Missoula County Sheriff’s Department or MPD may be the first on scene and will coordinate with UMPD for follow-up investigations.

Lubrecht Experimental Forest is managed by the UM College of Forestry and Conservation as an outdoor classroom for our students and a recreational retreat for the public. The Lubrecht Experimental Forest is located about 30 miles east of Missoula along Highway 200. The Missoula County Sheriff's Department provides service to this location on a year-round basis.

Bandy Ranch is 3,436-acre working cattle ranch deeded to the Montana Forest and Conservation Experiment Station at UM in 1990 by the estate of Ed Bandy for agricultural research and management. The ranch is located 18 miles northeast of the Lubrecht Forest. The Missoula County Sheriff’s Department provides first responder law enforcement to this location.

The Montana Island Lodge was willed to the UM Foundation in 1996. The lodge is located about 45 miles north of Missoula on Highway 83. It is on Sourdough Island in Salmon Lake, a five-mile lake at the southernmost tip of the Seeley-Swan valley. The Lodge has been used for events and guests of UM. The Missoula County Sheriff’s Department provides first responder law enforcement to this location on a year-round basis.

The Flathead Lake Biological Station is a UM field research and education facility located at Yellow Bay on Flathead Lake near Glacier National Park. Researchers work on environmental issues worldwide and a focus on the limnology of the Flathead River-Lake ecosystem. FLBS is about 90 miles north of Missoula at Yellow Bay. Lake County law enforcement authorities provide service to the station on a year-round basis.

Located just north of the City of Hamilton, this historic mansion and grounds are a state-owned property managed by the Daly Mansion Preservation Trust in partnership with UM. The Ravalli County Sheriff’s Department provides first responder law enforcement to this location.

Academic Buildings and Security Considerations for the Maintenance of Campus Facilities

Academic and Administrative Buildings

UM’s Mountain Campus is generally open to the public. Academic buildings are open 7:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday through Friday and on weekends as needed. Administrative buildings are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

The University Center and the Mansfield Library are open to the public during scheduled hours. UM hosts art, music, cultural, and sporting events which are open to the public.

Administrative and academic buildings at Missoula College campuses are open from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday through Thursday and until 5:00 pm on Fridays.

Bitterroot College administrative offices are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Academic areas for student computer use and study areas are open 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday through Thursday, and until 7:00 pm on Friday. Libraries at these campuses are open to the public during scheduled hours.

UMPD monitors the issuance of keys and access to buildings. Access to classrooms and laboratories is limited to those whose work and study in those areas. Access to any building after hours is limited to those who have been issued keys or granted electronic access based on a demonstrated need.