Monitoring Criminal Activity by Students at Non-Campus Locations

Off-Campus Criminal Activity

When a UM student on the Mountain Campus or the Missoula College is involved in an off campus crime, UMPD may assist with the investigation in cooperation with local, state, and federal law enforcement. The Missoula Police Department routinely collaborates with University Police on serious incidents occurring on-campus or in the immediate neighborhoods surrounding the Mountain Campus or Missoula College campuses. Many students live in the surrounding neighborhoods. While the Missoula Police Department has jurisdiction for all off campus areas in Missoula, UMPD officers can and do respond to student-related incidents that occur in close proximity to the campus. UMPD officers have direct radio communication with Missoula police and fire authorities to facilitate rapid response in an emergency situation.

Crimes Involving Student Organizations at Off-Campus Locations

Fraternities and Sororities

UM has four residential sororities, three residential fraternities, and one commuter fraternity located off campus that are considered “noncampus” property for purposes of the Annual Security Report. The University of Montana Police Department and the Missoula Police Department share concurrent jurisdiction of the residential fraternities and sororities. When a crime is reported at a fraternity or sorority house, the Missoula 911 dispatch center will alert both the University of Montana Police Department and the Missoula Police Department. The two agencies have a formal Mutual Aid Agreement to provide each other with patrol and backup assistance.

Through cooperation with the Missoula Police Department, UMPD monitors and records crimes that occur in these locations.

Student Organizations Located in University-Owned Houses on South 5th Street East and South 6th Street East

Several student organizations also utilize space in houses on South 5th Street East and South 6 th Street East near the Mountain Campus. All of these homes are owned by the University. The organizations occupying these houses include the Muslim Student Association (MSA), UM Flat (two locations), the Black Student Union, and the International House

If a crime is reported, UMPD responds to these locations. Under the Mutual Aid Agreement, the Missoula Police Department might also respond and/or provide patrol and backup assistance as needed.

UMPD monitors and records crimes that occur in these locations with cooperation as applicable from the Missoula Police Department.