Committee on Campus and Facilities


To provide the University of Montana with comprehensive advisory planning and guidance to meet long-term campus planning needs related to University of Montana property and building exteriors.  

FACULTY (Four; Four-year terms)

Nathan McCrady, Physics & Astronomy (2020)

Ray Callaway, DBS (2021)

Julia Galloway, Art (2022)

Tony Ward, Public Health (2023)

STAFF (Two; Four-year terms)

Jordan Bowerman, UM Grounds, Facilities Services (2020)

Jim Lyon, Facilities Services (2018)

STUDENT (Three; Two-year terms)

Julian Adler (2017)

Miranda Bishop (2017)

Anisa Ricci (2017)


ADA Team (One; Four-year term)

Bernadine Gantert, Disability Services for Students

Deans (Two; Four-year terms)

Martin Blair, Director, The Rural Institute (2017)

Roger Maclean, Dean, School of Extended and Lifelong Learning (2017)


Intercollegiate Athletics (One; Indefinite term)

Kent Haslam, Intercollegiate Athletics

President (One; Indefinite term)

Joe Hickman, Registrar

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (One; Indefinite term)

Jon Harbor, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

Vice President for Student Affairs (One; Indefinite term)

Stephen Thompson, Director, Campus Recreation

Vice President for Administration and Finance

Kevin Krebsbach, Director, Facilities Services

Vice President for Research and Creative Scholarship

 Scott Whittenburg, Vice President for Research and Creative Scholarship


Updated May 13, 2020