Digital Accessibility Committee


To align campus activities and practices with national digital accessibility laws, regulations and recommended practices by:

  • advising the EITA Coordinator on issues regarding campus policies and procedures addressing digital accessibility,
  • supporting the development of strategies to improve digital accessibility,
  • monitoring developments in information and communication technology, assistive technology, and their interactions,
  • assessing the University’s progress in the area of digital accessibility,
  • advocating for accessible technology at the University of Montana,
  • reporting annually to Faculty, Staff and IT Senates.

This committee works closely with the university’s Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Team. The EITA Coordinator will serve as an ex-officio on the ADA/504 Committee.


Renae Scott, Interim Chief Information Officer


Dan Bowling, Student Affairs Information Technology

Kathy Garramone, EITA Coordinator


Mika Watanabe, Disability Services for Students (2018)


Disability Services for Students (One; two-year term)

Mika Watanabe (2018)

Librarian (One; three-year term)

Teressa Keenan (2019)

Library Technology & Systems Services (One; four-year term)

John Greer (2020)

Student Affairs Information Technology (One; three-year term)

Dan Bowling (2019)

UMOnline Accessibility Specialist (One; four-year term)

Marlene Zentz (2020)

FACULTY (Two; two-year terms)

Nikolaus Vonessen (2019)

Morgen Alwell (2020)


Alliance for Disability and Students at the University of Montana (One; one-year term)

Brian McEvoy (2018)

Associated Students at the University of Montana (One; one-year term)

VACANT (2018)


Updated February 2018