Meeting Minutes - December 11, 2012

Interim Vice President of Integrated Communications, Peggy Kuhr opened the meeting with a greeting and invited comments about the last Council meeting regarding campus communications.

Topic 1:

VP Kuhr asked attendees about the President Engstrom’s Update. People liked the updates. The response was that the updates were a great idea and well received.  Council members also thought this was a good idea for rapid response topics and those could be as needed. (For example, Missoula College with some talking points.)

Peggy then read the comments that were on PresTalk from the campus and community. Some were positive; some were negative but all valid.

Council members thought that is might be appropriate to respond to the comments or at least acknowledge replies. They also thought that proactive messages are the most effective.

Topic 2:

VP Kuhr talked about the Quality of Life Initiative between the University and City of Missoula.

Good agendas developing:

1. Concerns about housing, Missoula College, parking, neighborhood

2. ASUM-Neighborhood Ambassadors (clean up after games and shoveling)

Mayor John Engen wants more people for these kinds of issues-to head off potential problems.

May require zoning changes, etc.

QOL Initiative talks about the partners establishing a committee. VP Kuhr asked the Council members: “How big should the committee be? Who should be on the committee?” People thought 8-12 would be a good number. 3-4 from each group represented.

Name or types of committee members could be:

Sally Daer-neighbor, supportive neighbor

Student athlete

ASUM senate member

ASUM Rent Center Director

Landlord from the University area

Program manager for UC

Tom/Julie Hilley-business owners and neighbors in the U area

Molly Gallusha

Facilities rep

City transportation representative

ASUM is a primary member of this new council.

QOL- Mayor Engen is focused on downtown housing for students, there is a disconnect between renters and University and downtown because of all the apartments on North Reserve, etc.

Topic 4:

Provost Brown updated everyone on the current searches that are completed as well as ongoing:



VPIC-4 candidates and pending

CIO-4 candidates and pending

Current-candidates for VP Admin & Finance will be visiting

To come:

International Programs

Legal Counsel

Mansfield Center

Student Affairs


UM Foundation President