University Council Meeting Minutes: April 18, 2013

President Engstrom used the University Council meeting on Thursday, April 18, 2013 to discuss budget issues and concerns on campus.

The discussion was composed of three major parts:

1.  Context

2.  The Budget Problem: Data

3.  Steps/Timeline


President Engstrom

1. Context

Enrollment drop- In 2013 we saw fewer students in Fall and Spring semesters. Two years ago there was inequity in per-student funding; enrollment was growing, but there was no monetary adjustment for the growth. MSU was declining at that time, now they are growing -- we have switched places. Graduate and doctorate program enrollment have remaining about the same from 2008-201. Undergraduate have dropped in the last 2 years. Missoula College has slightly increased its enrollment in the last 2 years. UM peaked in 2011 in resident enrollment and has seen a decrease in resident enrollment (WUE has affected this). First time degree-seeking freshman has decreased 500 students since 200. UM has seen a multi-year trend; we are losing market-share to MSU

2. The Budget Problem (Slide presentation can be found here)

Budget $450,000,000

1/3 of these funds are state appropriated, 2/3 tuition and fees

$152,000,000: Revenue estimated for FY14

Possible pay plan increase of 3% is not yet finalized in the Legislature

Possible tuition increase for non-resident students

Budget decisions should be made by May 10

How do we spend our money at UM?

a. Instruction is about ½ of budget

  1. Student services


Historically, MSU has more investment in faculty/students

3. Steps/Timeline (Actions taken)

$1,000,000 will go towards towards recruiting new freshmen

Website renovation

Facebook ads and updating

Increased financial aid

Increased contacts with prospective students

New brand/messaging

Name buys

Beyond recruiting:

Right programs: more money will go into attractive and/or new programs. As an example, Communicative Studies

Financially attractive

Attractive campus

Things that have affected us as a campus:

  1. Recognizing what attracts students to us
  2. Bad publicity

Open Discussion/ Q&A:

Mark LeParco suggested that administration have the conversation with groups such as Administrators Council in the Fall re: shortfall and possible solutions to shortfall…

Darlene Sampson: suggested involving Staff Senate and Faculty Senate in these discussions

Juana Alcala talked with the group about enrollment/recruitment efforts

Federal and state funding is down across the nation so all Universities and higher education facilities are competing for less funding

Marketing/Recruiting Efforts Nationwide:

UM spends about $517 per student

Most public institutions spend about $907 per student

Private institutions spend about $2000 per student

            Increase in international recruiting efforts

            Engage families in recruitment process

            Make personal contact

            Open houses

Look into investing in scholarships for lower socio-economic groups, changing demographics

A Missoula College representative asked: Are we increasing efforts to 2 year programs as well?

J- answered: Yes, opening markets for states like WA,CA,CO, and ID (WUE enrollment)