Academic Conduct Board



To convene when necessary to determine if a violation of the Standards of Student Conduct has occurred and, if so, to decide an appropriate academic penalty and/or University sanction.  For additional information, please see pp. 5-13 of the University of Montana Student Conduct Code.



Nathan Lindsay, Associate Provost for Dynamic Learning

FACULTY (Four members with four alternates; Two-year terms)

University Faculty Association

Alex Metcalf, College of Forestry and Conservation (2017)


Dan Lee, Educational Leadership (2017)

Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate

Michael Mayer, History (2015)



Academic Standards and Curriculum Review Committee

Amy Ratto-Parks, ASCRC Chair


ASCRC Vice Chair, Professor

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs


Associate Provost

STUDENT (Two total with two alternates; One-year terms)

Undergraduate (Two)

Sam Forstag (2017)

Elizabeth Engebretson (2017)

Alternates (One)

Megan Harbaugh (2017)


Graduate (One)

Lendelyn Jarden Ekholt (2017)

Alternate (One)



Updated October 2016