Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Team


To monitor University facilities, programs, policies, plans, and activities to assure the identification, prevention, and elimination of physical and/or programmatic barriers that interfere with faculty, staff, and student access to and benefit from University programs, facilities, and resources. The ADA Team serves as the ADA Coordinator for the University.


Hilly McGahan, Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX

Kate Duran, Legal Counsel


Greta Bates, Disability Services for Students

FACULTY (Three; Three-year terms)

Lara Berich, School of Theatre & Dance (2024)

Teressa Keenan, Mansfield Library (2024)

Meg Traci, Public & Community Health (2023)

STAFF (Three; Three-year terms)

Dan Bowling, Student Affairs IT (2018)

Raina Witherite, Registrar's Office (2020)


STUDENTS (Three; two-year terms)

Emma Kiefer (2021)

Paul Tran (2021)

Christian Pfeifer (2021)


Administration and Finance (One; Three-year term)


Research and Creative Scholarship (One; Three-year term)

Michele Wheeler, Environmental Health & Risk Management (2021)

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (One; Three-year term)

Hillary Stowell, Director of Academic Fiscal Affairs (2019)

Student Affairs (One; Three-year term)

Adrianne Smith, Director, University Center (2019)

Housing (One; Three-year term)

Melissa Neidigh, Associate Director of Operations


Kathy Garramone, EITA Coordinator

Terri Phillips, Director, Human Resource Services

Kevin Krebsbach, Director, Facilities Services

Amy Capolupo, Director, Disability Services for Students

Marlene Zentz, Senior Instructional Designer/Accessibility Specialist, UMOnline

Updated August 11, 2021