Art Siting Committee



To develop the best possible collection of properly sited art works and to encourage the practice of art.


Rosi Keller, Interim Vice President for Administration & Finance


Barbara Koostra, Director, Montana Museum of Art & Culture


Stephen Kalm, Dean, College of Visual and Performing Arts

Hugh Jesse, Director, Facilities Services

Brandon Reintjes, Curator of Art, Montana Museum of Art & Culture

Keith Glaes, Former Director, Campus Recreation

Julia Galloway, School of Art

Matt Hamon, School of Art

Kari Goettich, Student, College of Visual and Performing Arts

Jackson Widmyer (2017)

AD-HOC (varies for departments)

Member (administrator) from specific unit on campus which a recommendation or decision is being made concerning the actual selection of an artwork when it directly relates to that administrator's building, area or grounds.


Updated November 2018