Commencement Committee



To plan and implement commencement exercises and ceremonies annually; to submit proposed action and changes of substantive nature to the Academic standards and Curriculum Review Committee; and to make recommendations to the President of the University for commencement speakers, if necessary.    


Seth Bodnar, President    


Joe Hickman, Interim Registrar

Rebecca Power, Assistant to the President

Chuck Maes, Associate Athletic Director for Internal Operations

FACULTY (Eight; Indefinite terms)  


Terri Herron, Associate Dean, School of Business Administration

Amy Glaspey, Communicative Sciences & Disorders

Wally Higgins, Missoula College

Suzanne Tilleman, School of Business Administration


Patricia Gauther, Health Professions

Tammy Ravas, Mansfield Library

Solomon Harrar, Mathematical Sciences

STUDENT (Three; One-year terms)  

Sam Forstag, ASUM President 

Kim Lamar

Ben Kuiper

ADMINISTRATION and STAFF (Indefinite terms)  

Jon Harbor, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Joe Hickman, Interim Registrar

Bernadine Gantert, Disability Services for Students

Bonnie Holzworth, Registrar's Office

Jed Liston, Director, Alumni Association

Adrianne Donald, University Center

Brad Murphy, Adams Center

Penny Jakes, Missoula College

Rebecca Power, Office of the Registrar

Claudine Cellier, Office of the Provost


Updated November 2018