Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate (ECOS)


To serve in an executive capacity between meetings of the Senate and report its actions to the Senate no later than the next Senate meeting; to consult with the President and offer advice regarding matters affecting the faculty; to consult with the President about those budgetary matters that directly involve the academic affairs of the University; to make recommendations regarding the composition of committees appointed by the President; and to advise the President and Senate relative to policies affecting the welfare of The University of Montana.    


Faculty Senate  


Liz Putnam, BMED (2014)


Steve Lodmell, Division of Biological Sciences (2015)

FACULTY (Seven)         

Mike Mayer, History (2014)

Jim Sears, Geosciences (2014)

Liz Ametsbichler, MCLL (2015)

Stacey Gordon, Law (2015)

Bill Borrie, Forestry (2015)


Updated April 2014