Faculty Development Office Steering Committee


To advise The University of Montana Faculty Development Office, which coordinates and develops opportunities for faculty to grow professionally and personally. The Office provides resources to foster teaching, research/creative activity, and service. It aims to sustain faculty professional goals, promote career satisfaction and advancement, and support the mission of The University of Montana.


Perry Brown, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Nathan Lindsay, Associate Provost For Dynamic Learning


 Art Woods, Biological Sciences 

FACULTY (Ten; Three-year terms)

Doug Dalenberg, Economics (2018)

Linda Eagleheart Thomas, Applied Arts and Sciences  (2017)

Christine Fiore, Psychology  (2016)

Jennifer Folwer, Physics (2018)

Julia Galloway, Art (2018)

Gillian Glaes, History (2018)

Sara Hayden, Communication Studies (2017)

Andrew King-Ries, Law (2018)

Wendy Walker, Mansfield Library (2018)

Art Woods, Biological Sciences (2016)


Nancy Clouse, School of Extended and Lifelong Learning (2016)


 Updated July 2015