Family Weekend


Family Weekend helps the institution build stronger ties with its students and their families, aiding in future retention and recruitment efforts and fundraising and alumni relations. 


The Committee will welcome the families of new and returning students into the greater University of Montana family of faculty, staff, administrators and students by planning and organizing UM's annual Family Weekend.  The two-to three-day weekend is traditionally planned around a Montana Grizzlies home football game and pre-game brunch and include a slate of other activities for parents, siblings and grandparents of current UM students that showcase the institution's strengths.    


Seth Bodnar, President  


Karen Schlatter, University Center Special Projects and Events, University Center


Adrianne Donald, Director, University Center

Devin Carpenter, Program Manager, Enrollment Services

Jed Liston, Director, Alumni Relations

Cary Shimek, Editor, University Relations

Erika Palmer, Director, Trademarks & Licensing

Brynn Molloy, Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing & Promotions, Intercollegiate Athletics


Updated December 2018