Integrated Plant Management Committee



To review natural resource management programs that deal with weed management and make recommendations to the president regarding budget and policy decisions.    


Seth Bodnar, President  


Kevin Verlanic, Campus Recreation Administration


Dan Corti, Research Administration

Kelly Chadwick, University Center Gardens  

Brad Hall, University Villages  

Jerry Marks, Missoula County Extension Office (721-4095)  

Gerald Michaud, Maintenance Services 

Marilyn Marler, Division of Biological Sciences

Rich Erving, University Villages

Ben Carson, Facilities Services

Tom Burt, Campus Recreation Administration

Morgan Valliant, Missoula City Parks Department

Bryce Christiaens, Missoula County Weed District

 STUDENT (Two)  

Kaden Harrison

Anisa Ricci

EX-OFFICIO (Non-voting)  

Ray Callaway, Division of Biological Sciences  

Erick Greene, Division of Biological Sciences  

Alan Knudsen, County Weed District  

Andy Kulla, United States Forest Service


Updated December 2016