International Committee



The International Committee consists of faculty, staff, and students who are appointed by the President and charged with promoting internationalization efforts on campus, and developing and recommending policies, procedures, and partnerships regarding internationalization of the UM community. The duties of the International Committee include review and recommendation of new and ongoing partnership agreements, review and ranking of applications for faculty long-term international activities, and review and recommendation of a recipient for the Distinguished Service to International Education Award.


Sheila M. Stearns, President


Liz Ametsbhichler, (2019)

FACULTY (Eight; Three-year term)

Sarah Halvorson, Geography (2018) 

Tully Thibeau, Anthropology (2020)

Blakely Brown, HHP (2020)

Soazig LeBihan, Philosophy (2018)

Jill Belsky, Society, and Conservation (2019)

Anna Sala, Division of Biological Sciences (2018)

Kate Shanley, Native American Studies (2017)

STAFF (Two; Three-year term)

Mika Watanabe, Disability Services for Students (2018)

Edi Stan, Facilities Services (2018)

STUDENT (Three; One-year term)

Mollie Farrell

Caleb Chestnut

Julian Adler

ADDITIONAL REPRESENTATIVES (Appointed by the President; Three-year term)


Abraham Kim, Director, Mansfield Center (2016)

Nancy Bjorklund-Gass, Associate Director, Comprehensive Internationalization

Jeanne Loftus, Director, GLI

Chris Shook, Dean, School of Business Administration


Mary Nellis, Interim Director, International Students, and Scholars, Global Engagement

Marja Unkuri-Chaudhry, Director, Education Aboard, Academic Enrichment


Updated December 2017