Committee Oversight

Seth Bodnar, President

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Team      

Charitable Giving Campaign Committee      

Commencement Committee (w/ Executive Vice President and Provost)        

Diversity Advisory Council

Executive Council          

Executive Planning Council          

Family Weekend Committee           

Fulbright Scholarship Committee

Grievance Committee

Incentive Award Committee                   

Integrated Plant Management Committee

International Committee

Inter-Units Benefits Committee  

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Committee      

Non-Union Grievance Committee

Operational Support Advisory Team

Quality of Work Life Council (w/ Executive Vice President and Provost)

Staff Professional Development Leave Committee

Sustainable Campus Committee

UM Employee Recognition Day Planning Committee        

University Appeals Committee          

University Athletic Committee

University Council

University Council on Student Assault   

Lucy France, Legal Counsel  

Student Complaint Committee     

University Discrimination Grievance Committee          

Parking Appeals and Review Committee

Cathy Cole, Vice President for Enrollment and Strategic Communications  

Admissions Review Committee     

Behavioral Intervention Team

Drug and Alcohol Advisory Committee          

Scholarship and Financial Aid Committee         

Jon Harbor, Executive Vice President and Provost  

Academic Court                     

Campus Transfer Advisory Committee

Commencement Committee (w/ President)          

Faculty Development Office Committee

Implementation Committee for Academic Strategic Planning

Pantzer Award Committee             

Quality of Work Life Council (w/ President)

Sabbatical Assignment Committee  

Service Learning Advisory Board        

UFA-Administration Committee

Paul Lasiter, Vice President for Operations and Finance   

Arboretum Subcommittee

Art Siting Subcommittee

Campus Safety Committee        

Committee on Campus and Facilities                 

Parking Policy Committee

Recycling Oversight Committee           

Strategic and Budget Planning Committee 

Scott Whittenburg, Vice President for Research and Creative Scholarship

University Resarch and Creativity Committee

Paula Short, Director of Communications        

University Marketing Committee

University Web Committee

Renae Scott, Interim Chief Information Officer

Student Computer Fee Committee 

Sarah Swager, Vice Provost for Student Success

Campus Recreation and Sports Committee


University Center Board          

University Committee on Fraternities & Sororities          

University Court  

Faculty Senate

Academic Standards and Curriculum Review Committee          

Committee on Service        

Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate (ECOS)        

Faculty Development Committee

General Education Committee        

Graduate Council        

Faculty Library Committee          

Unit Standards Committee        

University Appeals Committee (w/ President)


Updated December 2018