Professional Education Council



The Professional Education Council (PEC) is the primary vehicle for coordinating all programs in the Professional Education Unit (PEU), which includes all programs engaged in the initial and advanced preparation of P-12 teachers and other school professionals. At UM, the PEU includes faculty and administrators in more than 40 programs across the campus. These include programs in the Phyllis J. Washington College of Education and Human Sciences as well as core elementary education content courses, majors for secondary teacher licensure, and other advanced programs for school professionals offered in the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Business Administration, and the College of Visual and Performing Arts.

This campus-wide leadership committee, led by the Dean of the Phyllis J. Washington College of Education and Human Sciences, fosters a progressive and innovative environment to aid in the preparation of tomorrow’s P-12 education professionals and plays a critical role in the accreditation and continuous improvement of outcomes for all candidates enrolled in PEU programs at The University of Montana. Deans of the schools/colleges represented in the PEU serve as ex-officio members.


Jon Harbor, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs





Nathan Lindsay, Associate Provost

Roberta D. Evans, Unit Head and Dean, PJWCoEHS

Susan-Harper-Whalen, Associate Dean, PJWCoEHS

Trent Atkins, NCATE/CAEP Director

Georgia Cobbs, C&I Chair

Dani Smith, Director of Field Experiences

Kristi Murphy, Licensure Manager, Assessment Coordinator

Jason Neiffer, Montana Digital Academy



Faculty and Administrators

     Kate Brayko, C&I, Elementary Initial Licensure

     Adrea Lawrence, C&I, Elementary Initial Licensure

     Fletcher Brown, C&I Advanced Programs

     Lindsey Nichols, COUN Other School Professional

     John Matt, EDLD OTher School Professional

     Ginger Collins, CSD Other School Profressional

     Tucker Miller, Health Enhancement

     Lori Gray, Initial Licensure

     Jennifer Combe, Initial Licensure

     Karen Kaufmann, Advanced Programs

     Terri Herron, SoBA

     Melanie Hoell, CHS Dean's Office Representative

     Beverly Chin, English, Initial, ESL,  MA

     Dave Macaluso, Sciences

     Anisa Goforth, School of Psychology

     Matt Roscoe, Mathematics

     Jim Burfeind, Social Sciences



P-12 Schools

Shirley Lindburg, Gifted Education/ELL, MCPS

David Rott, HR Director, MCPS

Doug Reisig, Superintendent, Hellgate Elementary


Updated September 2016