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Quality of Work Life Council


To 1) provide leadership in the area of quality of work life; to 2) conduct periodic campus climate assessment to ensure that the policies are effective; to 3) identify factors that negatively affect the quality of work life on campus; to 4) identify ways to address those factors and develop programming that will lead to problem resolution and improvement of campus climate; to 5) make recommendations to the Administration for further policy/procedure changes; and to 6) stay abreast of opportunities and developments to foster continual improvement in quality of work life.


Royce C. Engstrom, President  

Perry Brown, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs  


Amy Fowler Kinch, Director, Faculty Development Office (2016)

ADMINISTRATION (five; Three-year terms)        

Eric Gutierrez, Director, Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action (2016) 

Sandy Ross, Dean, Graduate School (2016)

Judy Fredenberg, Director, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (2015)

Anne Delaney, Dean's Office, Missoula College (2016)

Dane Scott, Director, Center for Ethics (2016)

FACULTY (Four; Three-year terms)           

June Ellestad, Sociology (2015) 

Samantha Hines, Mansfield Library (2015) 

Susann Bradford, Applied Arts & Sciences (2015) 

Sue Samson, Mansfield Library (2014)

STAFF (Four; Three-year terms)        

Brian Fruit, Campus Recreation (2016)

Hannah Singleton, Human Resource Services (2014)

Molly Fishburn-Matthew, Alumni Relations (2016)

Becky Maier, Foreign Student and Scholar Services (2016)



Updated September 2013 - To update the roster, please contact the Office of the President