Student Computer Fee Committee


To prepare recommendations for student computing fee allocations consistent with the goals and guidelines developed by Information Technology Council, Academic IT Advisory Committee, Administrative IT Advisory Committee, and University Web Committee, and to forward those recommendations to the President through the Chief Information Technology Officer.


Matt Riley, Chief Information Officer

COMMITTEE CHAIRS  (elected by Committee)

Wyatt Smith, ASUM Rep

FACULTY (Two; Three-year terms)  

        Martin Horejsi (2018)

Josef Crepeau, Missoula College (2017)

STAFF (One; Three-year term)  

Chuck Harris (2018)

Jesse Neidigh, Student Affairs (Alternate)

STUDENT (Four; One-year terms, renewable up to three years)  

Nathan Anderson (2016)

Jackson Widmyer (2016)

Jennifer Mills (2016)

Wesley Wohlman (2016)

Wyatt Smith, ASUM Rep (2016)


Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Representative (Three-year term)  

Stephen Kalm (2018)

Ex-Officio (Non-voting)  

Barbara Seekins, Foreign Student and Scholar Services  

Information Technology Office (staff support as needed)  

Valerie Crepeau, Fiscal and Personnel Manager, Information Technology Office



Updated March 2016