Title IX and Gender Equity Committee



To serve as an advisory body to the President on issues related to Title IX and gender equity in UM’s intercollegiate athletics, recreation and club sports programs; to field requests from campus and the community regarding the addition of sports; to develop an effective method of surveying skills, interests and abilities (the 3rd prong) and annually evaluate those survey results; to routinely monitor and document participation levels of the underrepresented sex in club, intramural, high school, amateur and community sports programs; to conduct an annual review of the gender equity plan; to provide review, direction, and support in the development of plans to enhance gender equity in athletics and compliance with Title IX; and to educate campus on gender equity issues.


Royce C. Engstrom, President


TBD by Committee

MEMBERS (one from each group)

Athletics- Coach

Trich Duce, Lady Griz Basketball

Faculty Senate

Jesse Munro, Political Science

Staff Senate



Jan Roddy

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

Charles Burton

Human Resource Services

Marin Hall

Enrollment Services

Juana Alcala

Office of Planning, Budget, and Analysis

Michelle Jensen

Campus Recreation/Intramurals

Brian Fruit, Fitness Center

University Center- Greek Life

Tyson McLean

Women's and Gender Studies Program

Beth Hubble, Program Co-Director

Community Member- Missoula Public School Administration

Lynn Farmer, Hellgate High School


Jean Gee, Associate Director, Intercollegiate Athletics

Eric Gutierrez, Director, Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Office



Updated September 2011 (September 2013 for student representative)