University Budget Committee


To help finalize the budget plan for the upcoming biennium by identifying and suggesting necessary base adjustments to the budget model prior to consideration of new budget initiatives or strategic reallocations; to evaluate budget reports, new initiative proposals, and requests for current year budget adjustments; to make recommendations to the President and Council of Vice Presidents regarding current year budget adjustments, one-time-only allocations from Contingency, base budget changes, reallocations, or new initiatives; and to coordinate the continued refinement of the biennial budget model. You may read more about the Committee's charge at the following website:


Michael Reid, Vice President for Administration and Finance


Teresa Branch, Vice President for Student Affairs

Perry Brown, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Peggy Kuhr, Vice President for Integrated Communications

Matt Riley, Chief Information Officer

Kent Haslam, Director, Intercollegiate Athletics

Larry Gianchetta, Dean, School of Business Administration

Ed Wingard, Budget Director, Office of Planning and Budget Analysis

Rosi Keller, Associate Vice President for Administration and Finance

Michelle Jensen, Budget Director, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

Sheila Hoffland, Budgets and Operations Director, Office of the Vice President for Research and Development

Tim Edwards, Accounting Associate, College of Health Professions and Biomedical Sciences

Steve Lodmell, Chair, Faculty Senate

Rochelle Krahn, Treasurer, Staff Senate

Jim Hirstein, Treasurer, University Faculty Association

Sean McQuillan, Vice President, ASUM

Garrett Bryant, Graduate Assistant

Bert Martin, ASUM (Alternate)


Dawn Ressel, Associate Vice President for Planning, Budget, and Analysis 

Updated October 2013 - to make roster changes, contact the Office of the President