University Committee on Fraternities & Sororities


Assist Fraternity and Sorority Involvement staff in providing direction for the fraternity and sorority community through the promotion of intellectual, cultural, and interpersonal growth of the student; assist Fraternity and Sorority Involvement staff in establishing a thriving fraternity and sorority community to enhance student learning and leadership, build strong ties between the institution and its future alumni, and develop well-rounded students who value community and citizenship, in developing appropriate policy, addressing negative behavioral issues and encouraging an acceptable level of academic performance for fraternal membership and chapter existence.  Encourage fraternity and sorority involvement on campus and in the community.



Teresa Branch, Vice President for Student Affairs  

COMMITTEE CHAIR (Assistant Director for Fraternity and Sorority Involvement)  

Julie Bryant, Assistant Director for Fraternity and Sorority Involvement


Rhondie Voorhees       

FACULTY (Four; indefinite terms)    

Lisa Barnes, Pharmacy    

Daniel Doyle, Department of Sociology    



STUDENT (One; One-year term)  

               Lacey Zinke

Interfraternity Council President, past/current      

Carter McFarland

Geordan Kaderis

Panhellenic Council President, past/current      

Brianna Loper

Cassidy Grotte

ASUM Representative      



University Center Associate Director    

Adrianne Donald

Public Safety      

Marty Ludemann, Interim Director/Chief    

Off Campus Renter Center      

Katherine Brady

Office of Civic Engagement      

Andrea Vernon, Director    

Missoula Police      

Sgt. Dustin Delridge 

Neighborhood Council University Representative      

Amy Capolupo, Interim Director, Disability Services

 Mansfield Library

Angela Dresselhaus

Greek Advisors      

Jesse Munro

Caitlin Parker


Updated March 2014 - to make changes to the roster, contact the Office of the President