University Athletic Committee


To provide review and counsel for the Intercollegiate Athletic Program.


Royce C. Engstrom, President


Greg Machek, Department of Psychology (2014)

FACULTY (Six; Four-year terms) 

Greg Machek, Department of Psychology (2015)

Bradley Clough, Liberal Studies (2018)

Liz Putnam, Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Science (2018)

Robert Saldin, Political Science (2018)

Doug Dalenberg, Economics (2018)

Annie Belcourt, Pharmacy Practice (2017)

STAFF (Two; Four-year terms)  

Barb Seekins, Foreign Student Services (2017)

Angela Weisenburger, Alumni Relations (2017)

STUDENT (Three - one nominated by Student Athletic Advisory Board; One-year terms)  

Asa Hohman, ASUM President (2014)

Betsy Story (2014)

Student Athletic Advisory Board

Maddy Murray (2014)


Grizzly Scholarship Association (One; Two-year term)  

Julie Gemar-Williams

Administration (Four-year term)  

Daniel Ingram, UM Foundation (2016)

Ex-Officio (Seven)  

Dustin Hollis, NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative (Voting)

Jed Liston, Enrollment Services (Voting)

Joe Hickman, Interim Registrar (Voting)

Kent McGowan, Financial Aid (Voting)

Murray Pierce, Mentoring Program (Voting)

Juana Alcala, Diversity Advisory Council (Voting)

Kent Haslam, Director, Intercollegiate Athletics (Non-Voting)

Jean Gee, Associate Athletic Director (Non-Voting)

Updated March 2014