University Council on Student Assault


To examine issues regarding campus policies and procedures addressing sexual assault.  


Jessica Weltman, Director, Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Office

Drew Colling, Health Service Administration (2013)

FACULTY (Five; three-year term)  

Matthew Schertz, Curriculum and Instruction (2021)

Donna Beal, Pharmacy Practice

Michael Cassens, Media Arts

Brooklyn Draper, Theatre & Dance (2023)

STAFF (Six; three-year term)

Joni Waldrup, Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (2019)

Olivia White, Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures (2019)

Samantha Buechler, Mansfield Library (2018)


Marty Ludemann, UM Police Department (2017)

Jamie Boschee, Women's Studies (2016)

Leah Fitch, SARC (2017)

Tracy Mitchell Military Sciences/ROTC (2018)

Caitlin Parker, Greek Life (2018)

Brenda White, Residence Life (2019)

Shawn Grove, Veterans Student Services (2019)

STUDENT (Three; one year term)  

Shaunagh McGoldrick, Psychology (2017)

Lindsey Grove, psychology

ADMINISTRATION (Three; indefinite terms) 

Rhondie Voorhees, Dean of Students

Richard Curtis, Health Service Administration     


Shantell Gaynor, Missoula Office of Planning and Grants

Kelly McGuire, Missoula Crime Victim Advocate Program

Allison Pepper, Missoula College (2016)

Ari Laurel, YWCA (2018)


Sandy Schoonover, Director, Residence Life    

Jean Gee, Associate Director, Intercollegiate Athletics       

Updated May 13, 2020