University Discrimination Grievance Committee


To exercise jurisdiction over all student, faculty, staff, and University admission or employment complaints of discrimination other than those initiated under an existing collective bargaining agreement complaint procedure. Eight regular members serve staggered multi-year terms. Members include two students nominated by the ASUM President; two faculty members nominated by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee; two staff members nominated by the Staff Senate Executive Committee; and two administration representatives nominated by the President.


To be appointed by the President

FACULTY (Five-year terms)  

Michael Cassens, Media Art

Monte Mills, School of Law

Rachel Severson, Psychology

STAFF (Five-year terms) 

Brady Schwertfeger, Information Technology

Cal Erasmus Tronson, University Center

Luke Alford, Health and Human Performance

STUDENT (Two-year terms)  

Madison Tyson

Noah Durnell

Lauren Oneill

Emma Kiefer

Taylor Curry


Jean Gee

Cary Shimek 

Updated September 8, 2021