University Library Committee


To facilitate effective communication and cooperation between the University libraries and the Faculty Senate; to assist the Library in its development of collections, services, and relevant policies that advance The University of Montana-Missoula’s commitment to academic growth and excellence; consult with the University and Library Administrations to promote effective communication about the libraries and their roles within the community; participate in the selection and periodic evaluations of the Dean of Library Services; participate in the accreditation processes affecting or involving the UM-M libraries; report periodically as needed to the Faculty Senate throughout the year; prepare an annual written report of the Committee and Library activities for the academic year. These will be kept in the Faculty Senate Office to facilitate continuity. 


Faculty Senate    

CHAIR (elected yearly from within the committee)  




FACULTY (Eight; Three-year terms)  

Humanities (One)    

Bridget Clarke, Department of Philosophy (2014)  

Sciences (One)     

Anna Klene, Geogrpahy (2019)

Professional Schools (Three)    

Kate Brayko, Teaching and Learning (2018)

Ron Wakimoto, Ecosystem & Conservation Sciences (2015)

Margaret Bladridge, Music (2016)

Social and Behavioral Sciences (One)    

Meradeth Snow, Psychology (2018)

Mansfield Library Faculty (Two)        

Megan Stark, Mansfield Library (2020)

Teressa Keenan, Mansfield Library (2018)

STAFF (One; One-year term)    

Kellyn Younggren, Mansfield Library (2017)

STUDENT (Three total; One-year terms)  

Undergraduate (Two)      

Ryan Hazen

Matt Heafner

 Graduate (One)    

Mark Triana


Ex-Officio (Non-voting)    

Shali Zhang, Dean, Mansfield Library


Updated June 2017