University Web Committee


To assess, interpret, facilitate development of, and recommend web policies; to evaluate compliance with approved policies; to coordinate with stakeholders regarding University-wide web issues; and to advise the Office of Integrated Communications.


Peggy Kuhr, Vice President for Integrated Communications

COMMITTEE CHAIR (Designated by the President)

Jennifer Sauer, University Relations

FACULTY (One; two-year term) 

Cheryl Galipeau, Department of Business Technology (2015)

STAFF (One; two-year term)  

Becky Maier, Foreign Student Services (2015)

STUDENT (Two; staggered two-year term; recommended to the President by ASUM)  

David Kuhn (2014)

Spencer Sheehan

ADDITIONAL REPRESENTATIVES  (Recommended to the President by Vice Presidents, Deans, or Department heads)

Academic Affairs (One; Two-year term)    

Jasmine Zink Laine, Office of the Provost (2015) 

Administration and Finance (One; Two-year term)  


Office of Alumni Relations (One; Two-year term)    

Molly Fishburn-Matthew (2015)

School of Extended and Lifelong Learning (One; Two-year term)    

Robert Squires (2015)

Disability Services for Students (One; Two-year term)


Enrollment Services (One; Two-year term)

Chris Lynn (2015)

Intercollegiate Athletics (One; Two-year term)    

Aaron Heiner (2015)

Mansfield Library (One; Two-year term)

Jordan Hess (2015)

Office of Research and Development (One; Two-year term)  

Joni Waldrup, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (2015)

Student Affairs (One; Two-year term)   

Dan Bowling (2015)

UM Foundation (One; Two-year term)    

Erin Greenside (2015)

University Relations (One; Two-year term)    

Jennifer Sauer (2015)


Tom Battaglia, IT


Updated August 2013