IM's Top Griz Competition

IM's Top Griz will take place on the Oval.  Date and time are TBA for Fall 2017.  It is co-sponsored by Campus Recreation Intramural Sports and the Montana National Guard.


Form teams of four (men's, mixed) and register on IM Leagues by May 3.  Team will compete in the following events:

Tug o' war
King of the Hill
Rock Wall Climb
Big Glove Boxing
Obstacle Course

Jousting, big gloves boxing, king of the hill and the rock wall climb each involve a single member from each team. A different member for each event/the same member cannot compete in more than one single member event. The tug o' war and obstacle course will be full team events, with all members participating.  There will have a point system for all competitions. The points will be added up after all events are completed to determine the IM Top Griz 2017.