On the Land

Register for trips and classes online, or at the Outdoor Program located on the northeast corner of the Fitness and Recreation Center near Washington-Grizzly stadium.  Call (406) 243-5172 for more information.

Sheafman Creek Backpack Trip

  • When: Sept 3-5, 2016
  • Description: Enjoy a backpacking trip through some beautiful, Montana wilderness.
  • Register by: August 30
  • Pre-trip Meeting: August 31 at 5pm.
  • Cost: $145 Includes transportation, equipment, and instructors.

Ch-Paa-Qn Day Hikes

  • When: September 5 and October 2
  • Description: Look to the west and you will see this beautiful alpine summit as it rises above the surrounding terrain. 
  • Register by: Sept 1 and Sept 29
  • Pre-trip Meeting: none
  • Cost: $40 includes transportation and instruction

Lolo Peak Backpacking Trip

  • When: September 10 - 11
  • Description: Experience a weekend of hiking and exploring this magnificent peak and surrounding alpine meadows. 
  • Register by: Sept 6
  • Pre-trip Meeting: August 3rd at 5pm in the ODP
  • Cost: $100 includes instructors, group gear, permit, and transportation. Camping equipment can be arranged if needed.

Bike Maintenance Class

  • When: Sept 13, 15, 20 and 22, 6-8 pm at the ODP
  • Description: Learn how to care for and fix your bike.
  • Register by: Sept 10
  • Pre-trip Meeting: None
  • Cost: $50 includes bench, tools and instruction.

Glacier National Park Intermediate Backpacking Trip

  • When: September 16 - 18
  • Description: Experience the breathtaking wilderness of Glacier National Park
  • Register by: Sept 14
  • Pre-Trip Meeting: Sept 14th at 5pm
  • Cost: $175

Grave Peak/Wind Lakes Backpacking Trip

  • When: October 7-9
  • Description: This trip features mountain views and beautiful mountain lakes.
  • Register by: October 3
  • Pre-trip Meeting: October 5 at 5pm
  • Cost: $100 includes group gear, instruction, and transportation.

Leave No Trace Trainers Course - Backpack Overnight in the Rattlesnake Wilderness

  • When: October 22 - 23
  • Description: Get your LNT trainers certification while spending time in the beautiful Rattlesnake Wilderness.
  • Register by: October 18
  • Pre-trip Meeting: October 19 at 5pm
  • Cost: $50 includes instruction, certification, materials, and transportation.

Little Saint Joeseph Day Hike

  • When: October 29th
  • Description: Experience the breathtaking Fall beauty of this Bitterroot classic!
  • Register by: Oct 26
  • Pre-Trip Meeting: None
  • Cost: $40 includes permit, instructor and transportation

Campus Recreation is an equal opportunity service provider that conducts certain activities under special permit with the US Forest Service, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks and the Bureau of Land Management. The University of Montana's Campus Recreation trips are permitted on the Lolo, Bitterroot, and Clearwater National Forests (Clause VII.B.). The UM Outdoor Program is partners with Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics and a member of the American Canoe Association, Trout Unlimited, The Access Fund and the Professional Ski Instructors of America.