Meet our Student Staff

Alan BowmanAlan

Alan is from Kalispell, MT and is the Outdoor Program's bike mechanic and rental shop expert.  He has over 3 years of bike mechanic training, along with a lifetime of taking care of his own bike.  Alan is very big into sports (of all kinds) and the outdoors. He has also done TaeKwonDo for 14 years and won the AAU Nationals in 2009. Alan is currently going to school for a masters in Athletic Training and would like to work for a sports team of some sort after graduating (Seattle Mariners). He is an avid traveler and would like to go to the six major continents in his lifetime.

Wyatt ClevelandWyatt

Wyatt is a kayak instructor for the Outdoor Program here at Campus Recreation. He is a Junior, a Community Health Major. He works at Le Petit Outre baking bread, parks cars at Montana Snowbowl in the winter, volunteers at the YMCA, has a one eyed bull dog named Finn, and enjoys kayaking, snowboarding and telemark skiing.

Michelle FelixMichelle

What can be said about Michelle that cannot be said about Montana? Wild, beautiful, free... She has a positive attitude and a love for the mountains that truly embodies the spirit of American alpinism. Born and raised in Maryland, Michelle moved out West at the age of seventeen to pursue climbing and the Northwestern lifestyle. If you’re walking through the Bitterroot and see a petite young woman cruising a notorious test piece say, "Hello", it’s probably Michelle.

Ryan MillingRyan

Ryan moved to Missoula in the fall of 2012 to pursue a degree in Wildlife Biology. He is currently a junior and when not stuck under a pile of homework he enjoys climbing, backpacking, backcountry skiing, and recently, kayaking. Ryan has been known to live out of his truck and is currently in a Chaco tan competition.

Neil MooreNeil

Neil is a Californian that enjoys anything adventurous outside. While rock climbing is his main passion, it’s not uncommon to see him backpacking, kayaking, surfing or taking nature photos. While moving to Montana has made him miss the ocean back home and the granite of Yosemite, he is excited to explore this new state for what it has to offer. With his passion for the outdoors comes a love of wildlife, which is why Neil is a Wildlife Biology major, also looking at a minor in Climate Change. He is currently the newbie at the ODP, and is excited to meet everyone in this rad community.

Nicole ThelenNicole

Nicole was raised in Bozeman, MT, twenty minutes away from some of the best skiing around, an hour away from Yellowstone, and a five minute walk into the Rocky Mountains. She was fortunate enough to have a family as crazy about the outdoors as she was, and grew up with many adventures into the woods, mountains, and deserts. Her mountain man father started her up rad multi-pitches as soon as she could fit into a harness, and she's been hooked to cliffs ever since. She has a habit of dragging uncultured friends up mountains, or at least to the gym. As far as she's concerned, the more people who take advantage of the wonderful wilderness around them, the better.

Eric WallEric W

When I was around 16 I used to take these really long day hikes through the prairie lands of Billings, Montana. I'd take copious amounts of water and a couple of oranges and just hoof it any direction that peeked my curiosity. I think I was always looking for a different interaction with my environment, one that would be unique from day to day life. The first vector I found almost entirely by accident was bouldering. Tall Sandstone climbs quickly became my obsession. I loved the mixture of Zen like focus and precise movements that acted in unison to produce a way on the previously impassable. As I progressed through the sport I learned that climbing high didn't half to mean risking life or limb, and quickly became infatuated with rope climbing and every thing about it, my bank account refers to these days as the dark times. After a long mentoring session with several of the more seasoned folks in the vertical community I began to take small groups out to the local crags myself, showing them the world that captivated me so thoroughly. There's a kind of full circle feeling I get when I here someone say to me as they near the top of a serene line in nature, "This is like nothing else", I couldn't agree more.