ODP Student Staff

Bryson Allen

Bryson Allen

Bryson grew up in Washington state, where he spent his summers hiking and kayaking around the Olympic peninsula.  He moved to Missoula to pursue a degree in wildlife biology to combine his passion for the outdoors with his curiosity for scientific inquiry. He started climbing in his first year at UM, and he’s loved it ever since. He started at the outdoor program at the end of his sophomore year, and has enjoyed teaching others how to get out climbing and backpacking, and seeing their excitement as they discover new ways to travel and live among the mountains.

Alex Ballard

Alex BallardAlex is far from a local resident of Montana. Being from Hawaii, he truly was a fish out of water. He hadn't even seen snow before moving here to attend the University to study international business and business management. But he had always been an outdoor-oriented person, and it was time to experience a different wilderness. He quickly fell in love with climbing during his first semester and has been addicted ever since. If I'm not at the Wall, you can probably find him in another part of the gym, training in martial arts or hanging out at the UC Game Room.   

Amy Braig

Amy BraigAmy is a born-and-raised Montanan, growing up in nearby Kalispell. She transferred to U of M after spending her freshman year playing soccer in Tennessee and is now pursuing a degree in business finance. Backpacking, rafting, climbing, skiing and hanging out on a ropes course are her favorite activities, and can be seen cruising down the Middle Fork or Lochsa all summer. Growing up with Glacier Park in her backyard, being on the top of a mountain is where she finds the most comfort, and she loves the amazing beauty the area has to offer.

Colin Brust

Colin BrustColin is a senior studying resource conservation. Although he grew up in the deserts of Southern Arizona, he is happy to call Missoula his new home. Since moving to Montana, he has done all the climbing and mountain biking he can fit in to his schedule. Whether it is regretfully pulling an all-nighter to do a nighttime ascent of Timebinder or waking up at 4:30 a.m. to unsuccessfully ride all of Missoula’s mountain bike trails in a day, he always does his best to get outside. When he can’t make it out, Colin can either be found at the climbing wall or sitting on his couch eating peanut butter. 

Riley Butler

Riley Butler

Riley Butler is a born and bred Pacific Northwester, hailing from Seattle, Washington. Though she loves the city, she came to the grand state of Montana searching for a little more solitude and even more mountains. Riley loves backpacking, maps, climbing, type 2 fun, glaciers, and the infinite majesty of the universe. Montana has all of these things, so she is pretty happy. Currently Riley is getting her bachelors in resource conservation with a focus in climate change, and is passionate about educating the next generation to be conservationists and outdoor enthusiasts. 

Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole

Taylor is originally from western New York and moved out west for her junior and senior years of undergrad at Idaho State University. She completed her Bachelors in Outdoor Education and Sociology in and has begun her Masters in Recreation Management here at the University of Montana. Taylor loves hiking, backpacking, and cross country skiing. If she's not studying or working, you'll find her out happily exploring the Bitterroots with her dog, Banjo.

Kenley Crisp

Kenley CrispKenley is a a lifetime resident of Montana. Any day without some sort of outdoor adventure is not quite a normal day for him. Most afternoons after hisshift at the Outdoor Program include either rippin' down some mountains on his bike or trying to keep his chonies clean while following Andrew up some trad climb. When he's not adventuring, he's probably making pancakes at home.

Andrew Demaree

Andrew DemareeAndrew moved to Missoula from Corvallis, Oregon, to attend the University of Montana and enjoy all that the state has to offer. Andrew likes to explore wild places on foot, bike and skis. He began climbing in Montana and has enjoyed sharpening his skills on the many crags near Missoula. Andrew works at the Outdoor Program as a bike mechanic, and he particularly enjoys teaching people how to maintain and fix their own bikes, from changing a flat tire to truing a wheel. When not working at the ODP, biking, skiing, or climbing, Andrew can be found studying biochemistry, making nachos or watching climbing videos.

Aurora Pinkey-Drobnis

Aurora Pinkey-DrobnisAurora hails from the smallest state, Rhode Island, where the highest point is the landfill. She eventually moved to the mountains because they moved her, and she has not been able to leave since.  In the past few years, she has worked with many different conservation and land management organizations in some of the most special places in the U.S. She is currently working towards a master's in education at UM and is psyched to spend time climbing, biking and exploring the Missoula area. She loves digging in the garden, backyard botany and hiking. She's am grateful to be living in a world full of incredible complexity and mystery, where wild spaces are valued and public. 

Zac Faulkner

Zac FaulknerZac was raised in Southeastern Idaho, where much of his time was spent camping and hiking in the deserts and mountains of Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. After a short period in Oregon, he landed in Missoula, where he enrolled in the computer science program at here at the University of Montana. It was here that he learned to climb through the ODP and rekindled his love for mountain biking. Zac completed his undergrad in 2016 and promptly continued his master's studies in computer science, with a focus in scientific and high performance computing as well as machine learning. Most recently, Zac is learning to cross-country ski and climb ice.

Sawyer Meegan

Sawyer MeeganSawyer loves outdoor endeavors of all kinds; canoeing, backpacking, and rock climbing are his favorites. Mountains and Rivers always fill him with awe and energy. He also loves ultimate frisbee, walking on a slack line, getting his feet dirty and yo-yoing. His nerdy love of graphs, math and the outdoors have lead him to study watershed hydrology at the University. He came to Montana last year from New Hampshire, found an endless abundance of adventure here, and can't wait to explore more Montana wilderness.   

Broderick Montgomery

Broderick MontgomeryHailing from Helena, Montana, this transplant came for a heaping slice of that Zootown pie.  On a sunny day you might spot him downstream of a set of rapids, desperately swimming after his abandoned kayak.  Maybe that’s him at the crag hogging your favorite 5.9, falling repeatedly on the same move yet announcing after each one, “Just one more try!”  On a rainy day you might see him miles beyond a trailhead, woefully huddled beneath a tree, rain fly stored safely at home.  While inside the bounds of civilization, it’s possible you'll catch him at one of Missoula's numerous dance hubs, laying down a two-step savage enough to keep the local flooring companies perpetually in business.  If all else fails and none of the above are an option, sitting down with a good book will certainly suffice.

Shane Randle

Shane RandleShane grew up in Seattle backpacking, skiing and biking in the nearby Cascade mountains.  She started out college in the onion and wheat fields of Walla Walla, Washington, where she discovered whitewater rafting, which took her to Montana for a summer outside of Yellowstone National Park.  Having cried over too many onions and lack of mountains, Shane recently made the move to Missoula to finish her degree in environmental studies.  You can usually find Shane rock climbing, cooking curry, coloring with crayons or escaping to the desert any chance she can get.

Kira Tenney

Kira TenneyKira Tenney grew up in Idaho, Colorado, and Maui and moved to Missoula to pursue a master's in international conservation and development.  Since graduating from Middlebury College in Vermont with a degree in environmental policy, she has worked and played instructing whitewater kayaking, alpine skiing and yoga in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Nepal, Uganda, Zambia and China.  Kira feels fortunate to be part of the Outdoor Program at UM and to have the opportunity to share her love of wild places and people.