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University of Montana Campus Recreation Youth Camps fosters in our community's children a lifelong love of recreation. As campers play, they are engaged, learning and growing as individuals throughout summer break. Each week they explore fitness activities, educational sessions, swimming, and craft activities. Youth Camps also provides outdoor adventures such as hikes, field trips and bike rides. Talented, enthusiastic camp counselors mentor, coach and provide a safe environment for the campers to play, swim and grow. 

COVID-19 Update May 15, 2020

Day Camp

Update May 15, 2020

Camp is on!
It is with great relief and excitement to let everyone know that we are planning on having camp in the month of June.  We will begin with Session 1 on June 15 as originally scheduled. Camp is going to look, feel, and be different compared to camps offered in the past.  What is most important is that we plan on getting your children out of your home, keeping them active through recreation, engaged with others, crafting, and having FUN!  

Registration is live...again
We have opened our registration again!  If you have issues with our registration please give us a call and we can help over the phone. However, please keep in mind that we are working from home, for the most part.  So we may not answer, please leave a message and we will call you back ASAP.  Our director receives an email when someone leaves a voicemail. (406) 243-5295 

Restructuring of camp session 1
We are unable to operate specific themed sessions due to restrictions on specific activities.  For this reason we will have to change our original theme for some sessions.  As of today, we have only changed one session.  If we feel we need to make changes to other sessions we will communicate those changes.

Session 1: Original focus of climbing skills will be changed to Outdoor Activities.  For more information about some of the activities we have planned please visit: K-5th Camp and scroll down to the “Weekly Sessions” section.  

Taking fewer campers per session
We will be limiting camp enrollment to 80 campers per session.  So please register as soon as you can.  If we are full we will accept people on the waitlist and will contact you if a spot opens up. 

Pre Rec, After Rec and Camp Hours
We will not be providing Pre and After Rec during the first three sessions.  We are going to extend our camp hours from 8:00a to 4:00p. With the drop off window being 8:00-8:30a and the pick up window being 3:30-4:00p.

Swim instruction & free swim
The Grizzly Pool is currently closed and we do not have an anticipated opening date.  Therefore, we will not be offering our camp swim lessons and free swim at least through the month of June, and possibly longer.  We know our swim lessons are a huge draw to our camps, we are sorry we are unable to offer them. 

Field Trips and 3rd Party Guests
As of today, we are unable to transport children to and from our originally planned field trips.  Therefore, we are canceling all June field trips.  Also, we will not have any 3rd party guests during the month of June.

Specific COVID-19 Protocols, Procedures, and Policies (During Phase 1 of Reopening MT)
We will have many changes and additions to the way we operate our camp. Below is a brief overview of these changes.  We will have more details about all of our protocols pertaining to COVID-19 in our parent handbook.  If you have questions in the meantime, please send us an email or give us a call.

  • We will break camp into two-three separate camps of no more than 50 individuals (includes staff & campers).  These camps will be made up of age groups.  K & 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 4th & 5th
  • Within each camp of 50, we will have groups of 10 (staff & campers). These smaller groups will only be within 6’ of people in their same smaller group of 10.  Each group of 10 will use social distancing and maintain a 6’ distance from other small groups of 10. 
  • Drop-off and pickup - It will be contact free.  We will send you more details before each week of camp.  
  • Staff daily self-health assessments.
  • Weekly parent health assessments for each camper.
  • We will not allow any staff or campers who have been out of the state in the last 14 days.
  • We will not be using public transportation or Beach transportation during the month of June.
  • Cleaning of supplies and equipment daily, and will not be shared between small groups of 10.
  • Camper/Counselor ratio will be generally 1/6 and never exceed 1/9.  
  • Our staff will wear masks any time social distancing of 6’ cannot be maintained (outside small groups of 10).
  • We are not requiring any camper to wear a mask at any time.  If you would prefer your child to wear a mask please send them with their own daily.

Dynamic times call for flexibility
We will be closely monitoring any changes within the guidelines given to us by the State of Montana, Missoula County Health Department, and the University of Montana.  Our camp will change as they change.  This means we could move closer to operating in our normal way, but it also means we could take a step back at any time.  We will always communicate when decisions are made that affect the operation of our camp.

All planned activities and themes are subject to change.  We ask for your patience and understanding.  

Refunds, Session exchange, Scholarship Fund Donations
We understand the decision to sign up for specific sessions is at times based on the theme of the week.  If you your child is registered for a session we changed the morning theme of and you no longer want to attend the session please send us an email and let us know the following:

1. Please cancel our registration for session ___, and move us into session ___.
2. Please cancel our registration for session ___, and refund our registration fees.
3. Please cancel our registration for session ___, and we would like to donate our fee to the camp scholarship fund.  

Decision dates for future sessions

  • On June 5 we will decide if sessions 4-7 will run
  • On July 3 we will decide if sessions 8-10 will run

Junior High Overnight Camp
We have decided to cancel these camps for the 2020 summer.  We believe this is the best decision for the safety of our campers and staff, as well as, to ease any travel planning decisions families are trying to make.

As you all know, this is a very dynamic situation we are all going through right now.  A lot of circumstances came into play while making the decision for our Junior High Camp. The nature of an overnight camp keeps our campers and staff in very close proximity to each other on a daily basis.  At this point we do not know what the social distance measure will be by mid-summer. There is much planning for these camps, and decisions that need to be made now to assure camp goes on without a flaw.  Many families need to make travel arrangements to attend our overnight camps, this is tough to do without knowing what the limitations will be as mandated by our governing bodies.   
Again, we are sorry to bring this news, thank you for your understanding and patience.  We look forward to summer 2021, so please look for our Junior High Overnight Camps in future summers.



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