Seminars & Groups

Get the support you need by attending a seminar or joining a group. Our Seminars and Therapy Groups help students tackle problems and support students to manage their lives in healthy ways.

Test Anxiety Seminar

Learn some techniques to help with test anxiety, improve your performance, and develop better study skills. Space is limited for this seminar, please contact us at (406) 243-4711 to sign up. NO COST

TBD - Fall Semester 2015

Join a Therapy Group

Therapy groups are designed to help you tackle problems in a supportive environment.  Once groups are formed, they meet on a weekly basis.  For more information about dates and times or to schedule a group screening appointment call (406) 243-4711.

Overcoming Your Anxiety – Tuesdays 3:10-4:30pm

For students who are experiencing difficulty handling worry, stress, and/or anxiety. Everyone experiences stress/anxiety uniquely and this group provides a way to share with and learn from others about your own experiences and about ways to manage stress and anxiety effectively. The purpose of the group is to better understand stress and anxiety and to develop healthy coping skills for stress/anxiety management. It is an “open group” meaning you can join at any time over the two summer sessions. NO COST