New Students

Welcome to University of Montana's Curry Health Center.  We are here to support you and help you gain good health so you may achieve academic success at UM and beyond.

Curry Health Center provides Medical, Dental, Counseling, Student Wellness and Student Advocacy Resource Services (SARC). Please feel welcome to come visit Curry Health Center if you have any health and wellness questions or concerns.

Here are a few things to know when you first come to University of Montana:

  1. We ask that you fill out the Medical Requirement Form and return it to us.
  2. If you have a health hold or need an immunization, we will help you complete that requirement so you can register for classes.
  3. The University of Montana requires that you have health insurance while you attend UM.  Whether it's yours, your parents', or the school insurance, we ask you have some form of health coverage.
  4. Curry Health Center follows strict confidentiality and HIPAA protocol. If you use our services, your privacy is our priority.
  5. If you are enrolled at seven or more credits, you pay the Health Services Fee.  That fee allows us to provide less expensive health care to you.  More often than not, our fees for service in Medical, Dental, and Counseling are some of the most affordable in Missoula.

Again, we welcome you to University of Montana and hope to make your life a little healthier.