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Health Hold Help

Curry Health Center is available to help students deal with a health hold.  Often, if a hold has been placed on a student account, Curry Health Center is missing mandatory immunizations records.  Call Curry Health Center Medical at 243-2122 or come by to inquire and our staff will gladly check on your behalf.  Please note, no health holds are placed due to insurance!  For information on immunization requirements, check our immunizations web page.

Traveler's Health Specialized Appointments

Curry Health Center Medical has specialized appointments for students, faculty, and staff who are looking to travel abroad, study abroad, work abroad, and intern abroad.  Your custom appointment includes a country-by-country analysis according to your itinerary and review of immunization, routine travel immunizations, malaria prevention advice and prescriptions, information and prescriptions for treating travelers' diarrhea, information on insect and food precautions, and general travel health topics.  Due to vaccine series requirements, please contact us at least six weeks prior to your departure.  For more information or to make your appointment visit our Traveler's Health web page.

Adair Kanter Wins Charter Day's Outstanding Volunteer Award

Curry Health Center is happy to announce Radio Technologist Adair Kanter's recognition at the 2014 Charter Day Awards.  This award recognizes the contribution of her many hours of uncompensated time to UM to help meet the needs of campus.  Kanter's work with international students and the Missoula International Friendship Program has accumulated to nearly 30 years.  We are proud to have Adair at Curry Health Center to serve University of Montana students.

Nurses will see patients on Missoula College Campus

Starting April 8, 2014, a Curry Health Center registered nurse (RN) will have office hours from 11:00 A.M.- 1:00 P.M. in room HB 15.  The RN will evaluate your needs, provide care, and make an appointment at Curry Health Center on your behalf if necessary.  Call us with questions: 406-243-4330.

Online Magazine Encourages Healthy Living

Health Nut Coordinator and UM Student, Jessica Ament works to make health living appealing to fellow students. Ament's unique, digital, fine arts skills bring a fresh feel to Curry Health Center Wellness' online magazine, Health Nut.  Health Nut tackles healthy relationships, nutrition tips, safe partying, healthy sexuality, stress management, sleep tips, and more college-health issues.  Check out the latest issue of Health Nut!

Optimal Bear Coordinator Wins Regional Award

Optimal Bear Coordinator, Kayli Peterson, won the Bacchus Network Outstanding Alumni Award for her leadership, dedication to peer education before and after graduation, and her experience developing and growing the Optimal Bear program.  Peterson started Optimal Bear wellness coaching as a student and is now a staff member helping students focus on lifestyle changes surrounding stress, sleep, exercise, and nutrition to help them do better in school and beyond.  Under her leadership the program has grown from two coaches and six clients in 2011 to 22 coaches and 53 clients from last semester alone.

Students interested in enrolling this week can contact Kayli Peterson by email or phone: 406-243-6719.  Summer enrollment is limited, but interested students can contact Peterson for more information. Fall 2014 sign-ups are open!

Internships Available

Counseling's Behavioral Health Options is now recruiting interns for the 2014-2015 academic year! These internship positions are open to graduate level students in Social Work, Counselor Education, and Clinical Psychology. Options interns will facilitate psycho-educational seminars (e.g. test anxiety, mindfulness, managing unhealthy thinking, etc.) and substance intervention and treatment groups. All interns will receive specialized training in motivational interviewing and its various clinical applications. E-mail Emily Hansen to apply!!!