Assistant Counseling Director Presented With Montana College Counseling Association's Mike Franklin Award

Each year the Montana College Counseling Association (MCCA) recognizes the accomplishments and excellence of people in the field of student mental health with the Mike Franklin award.  It celebrates the growing commitment that Montana colleges and universities have to increase help-seeking behaviors, destigmatize helping resources, normalize conversations about suicide, and make sure that people can get the help they need when they most need it.


This year, the MCCA recognized Cathy Joy who is the assistant counseling director at Curry Health Center (CHC).  She designed and implemented a counseling delivery system that provided more service during a period of budget restraints and enrollment decline. Over the past five years, her staff served 7% more students and scheduled 8% more appointments even though overall enrollment dropped.  Waiting time for first appointments decreased from 3-4 weeks to 1-2 week. Cathy has also been a leader at CHC as it takes steps to integrate behavioral health care with Medical Services, improving care coordination and access to services.  


Last year, Cathy collaborated with one of her colleagues Mark Dadmun to revamp the Counseling Services’ postvention response to student deaths, particularly death by suicide.  The protocol includes guidelines for clinicians meeting with a group after a death; helpful materials to distribute during those group meetings, e.g. “As You Grieve” handout; web and social media outreach guidelines and materials distributed by Curry Health Center; crisis communication talking points when being interviewed by the media; recommendations for reporting on suicide to provide to the student newspaper reporters who are covering suicide for a first time; resource guide for faculty and staff following suicide or a death or a student; and “Beyond Surviving” brochure for those dealing with a loved one’s death by suicide.


Cathy is committed to excellence and to serving students.  She is an inspiring leader who finds and eliminates barriers to care while increasing service and access. Her name has been added to the list of distinguished therapists who embody the spirit of Mike Franklin with this award. 

What Can Curry Health Center Do For You?

Curry Health Center wants to welcome our newest students to campus.  As you learn your way around the university remember Curry Health Center is here for you.  Learn more about the unique and affordable health services we provide for the UM student body:

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Curry Health Center Works for All Students

The Missoulian covered an amazing story about UM's efforts to accommodate Transgender students and a Curry Health Center doctor is highlighted in the article by a Transgender student:

She offered praise for her doctor at Curry Health Center, whom she sees every three to six months for her transition. She heard from colleagues that the doctor was knowledgeable and supportive, and she agrees.

"I'm glad I'm one of their patients. My doctor is awesome," Hoffman said.

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