Dear Parents,

Curry Health Center is here to help and support your student while they attend the University of Montana.  We specialize in student care and we aim to create greater student success in school and in student lives.  Please visit our Mission, Vision, and Values page to get a clear idea of who we are.

Only students who have paid the Health Services Fee are eligible to receive Curry Health Center services.  Students enrolled in seven or more credits pay this fee with tuition and fees. Students enrolled in fewer than seven credits must call Curry Health Center to elect to pay the Health Services Fee in order to receive Curry Health Center services

Benefits of coming to Curry Health Center for your Student:

  1. Curry Health Center services are comprehensive.
    We offer Medical, Dental, Counseling, Student Advocacy, and Wellness services.
  2. Curry Health Center has less expensive office visits.
    Medical Office visits are just $15.

  3. Curry Health Center has Stanford and Harvard educated doctors.
    It's imperative that we highlight our brightest MD's.  Some of our doctors have a Master's Degree in addition to their doctorate.  Our doctors, much like many of the professionals in Montana, are amazing at what they do and they choose to work for Curry Health Center because of the opportunity to work with students as well as live in a state full of outdoor splendor.

  4. Curry Health Center Dental is one of the least expensive dental clinics in town.
    Your student health fee allows us to lower our prices.  Our dental clinic offers everything community dentists do, but at lower, student-friendly rates. After an appointment our dental staff will give your student a statement that can be sent to your insurance company.  We have two dentists, two hygienists and dental assistants.  Routine teeth cleanings are just $40.00.  For a list of prices see the Dental Fees Page.

  5. Curry Health Center's lab fees are a bargain.
    For any screenings that your student needs from strep to blood work, our prices are competitive if not the lowest in town.  Even if your student is local and has a primary care doctor in town, they should request the doctor to send all labs to Curry Health Center as we will process them at competitive prices.

  6. Curry Health Center's Counseling Services offers free initial consultations for mental health.
    Curry Health Center offers a free initial consultation with our Counseling staff. If your student needs additional counseling or psychiatry help, they have $10 counseling appointments and $20 Psychiatry appointments available.  There are also free group therapy options in addition as well as various seminars offered.

  7. Curry Health Center offers several free wellness programs.
    Our Student Wellness office offers programs that are designed to prevent harm and enhance overall well-being. From Quit Smoking Kits to events like Stress Less Week the week before finals, Wellness Services has their door open for students and can provide free wellness consultations to help increase student success.

  8. Curry Health Center has digital X-Ray.
    We have joined the latest technology when it comes to X-Ray.  We are always one of the least expensive services, but we also offer one of the best services.
  9. Curry Health Center has Electronic Medical Records.
    This was a switch to make records easier for both the patient and the doctors.  Our goal is to help students succeed at UM and making it less complicated for students is one way we can do that.  Medical records are private to your student, so please do review our confidentiality and HIPAA Privacy pages so you understand why we cannot disclose or discuss your students medical history you.

These are just some of the reasons that your student should make appointments at Curry.  If you have general questions, we encourage you to call us, however as stated above, we respect the right of private medical records and will be unable to discuss your student's medical history with you.  General questions we will do our best to answer: 406-243-2122.

For questions on insurance, please see our Insurance Page.