Curry Health Center Billing

Curry Health does not directly bill any insurance plan (except for the BCBS Student Insurance plan for medical and individual counseling) but instead provides an insurance walk out statement, upon student’s request, with all of the needed insurance information and codes. This helps to keep costs low.

To obtain a walk out statement of charges incurred, the student must contact the department that they received the services in.  Sorry mom or dad, the student must make this request themselves.

Once the walk out statement has been received by the student, the instructions of how to send the insurance walk out statement to their insurance plan is located on the bottom of the statement.

If the insurance company pays (i.e. after deductible, copays, etc.), they will pay the insurance policy holder directly and not Curry Health Center or The University of Montana-Missoula.  Therefore, the student must still pay any charges on their Cyberbear account.