Frequently Asked Questions


Everyone needs health insurance coverage, even students. Good health is essential to your academic success, and adequate insurance makes sure you get the care you need to maintain good health. Unexpected medical bills can also threaten your ability to complete your education if you are uninsured or have inadequate coverage.
If you are taking at least six state supported or self supported credits on campus, you are eligible for the Student Insurance Plan. You will need to complete the insurance buy/refuse section on Cyberbear by buying the Student Insurance Plan. If you buy the Student Insurance Plan, you will be charged for the student insurance and the Curry Health Fee regardless of the number of credits you enroll for. (Note: Curry Health Fee is a required fee at 7 or more credits).
If you have other medical insurance coverage, you can refuse the student insurance on CyberBear before you register for your classes. However, if you are receiving state supported Medicaid you may be eligible for the HIPP (Health Insurance Premium Payment) program. Please contact the Student Insurance Representative for more information.
The insurance provides medical and prescription coverage.  It covers 80% of medically necessary expenses after a deductible is met. This includes but is not limited to office visits, prescriptions, hospitalization, and counseling.
We don't know what YOUR insurance will cover. You need to check with your insurance carrier and verify what benefits are available if you are away from home. For example, some plans have very good benefits worldwide, while other plans only provide coverage if you are within a certain geographic area.
Yes, whether you are studying abroad or home for the weekend, this plan provides coverage worldwide.
No, but there are advantages to using Curry Health Center. Conveniently located on campus, all charges from the Medical Clinic and individual counseling sessions in the Counseling Clinic are covered 100% and are not subject to a deductible.  Curry Health Center providers can provide referrals to outside providers if the services you need are outside of the scope or expertise of Curry Health Center providers.
The deductible is $500 per benefit year and the co-pay ratio is 80/20.  To see a primary care provider outside of Curry Health Center is a $20 copay and for a specialist, it is a $40 copay.
Yes. There is a three tier copay system for prescriptions.  $15 for generic, $30 for formulary and $50 for nonformulary.
The insurance does not cover vision or dental.  However, Curry Health Center has a dental clinic that provides services at significantly reduced rates compared to private dental services.