Refusing Student Insurance

The Montana University System requires all students taking six or more state supported on campus credits to have and maintain major medical insurance each semester they are attending classes.

Staying healthy is essential to your academic success. If you find you are uninsured, or have inadequate insurance coverage, there are resources to help you obtain health coverage while you are a student at the University of Montana. Please, accept the school insurance and contact the Student Insurance Advocate for more information.


During the registration process, you will be required to make an insurance selection, if you are covered by a private insurance plan that covers you while you are attending class, you can refuse the school health insurance plan**.

You CANNOT refuse the school insurance plan if:

  • You are receiving medical assistance from your home state.

It is not a private insurance and does not meet the University of Montana requirement. Please, contact the Student Insurance Advocate for more information on assistance with applying for Montana state medical coverage.

  • If you are receiving Montana Medicaid/HELP/Montana Healthy Kids

You are required by Medicaid to apply for Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) program as condition of keeping your state medical coverage. Please see the STUDENT INSURANCE/MEDICAID section of the insurance site for more information.

**By selecting and submitting the 'Refuse Student Insurance' option on Cyberbear, you are declaring that you have other medical insurance and are eligible to refuse the Blue Cross Blue Shield Student Insurance Plan.

 NOTICE: Furnishing false information to the University or members of the University community who are performing their official duties is a General Misconduct violation of the Student Conduct Code and is subject to the disciplinary sanctions of the code.


Changes to the initial insurance selection to enroll into the plan cannot be made on Cyberbear. You must contact the Student Insurance Advocate BEFORE the 15th class for this. You may email your request to the Student Insurance Advocate at the email below. Be sure to include your name and your University of Montana 790#. 

NOTE: You will be required to provide documentation of the other coverage that meets the University of Montana requirements.

For questions, or more information, please contact the Student Insurance Advocate at 406-243-2844 or