Medicaid and Student Insurance

Students receiving Montana Medicaid/HELP/Montana Healthy Kids PLUS  (medical assistance from DPHHS), and are eligible for the student health insurance plan, are required to apply for a program through Montana Medicaid which may pay for the student insurance for you. It’s called the Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) program.  


- If the program approves your application, the state sends the payment to the University and pays for the insurance for you and you are covered under BOTH plans.

- If the program denies your application and states you will only have the state medical coverage, then the insurance charge is credited back to your account and it zero’s itself out.

Either way, if you are receiving medical assistance from the state YOU do not buy the student insurance. You are complying with a state requirement to apply to a program.

To Apply:

-During the registration process, you will be instructed to make a Student Insurance selection. You will need to select to ENROLL into the student insurance plan. This will put the charge on your student account as a transaction code. This is necessary because it tells the state that YOU are the one applying for the program.

If you failed to select the student insurance during registration, the Student Advocate can assist you with the change.

-You will, then, need to contact the Student Insurance Advocate to complete the application process. You will need to provide your Medicaid documentation. There is a timeframe, so you must do this as soon as you have finished registration.

-You MUST reapply to this program every semester you are a Montana Medicaid/HELP/Healthy Montana Kids PLUS client and are eligible for the student health insurance plan, even if you were denied previously. This is not done automatically. You must select the student insurance at registration, then contact the Student Insurance Advocate immediately with your request to submit your application. 

For questions regarding the Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) program, please contact:

Helen Taffs, HIPP Program Specialist



For questions, or more information, please, contact the Student Insurance Advocate at 406-243-2844 or