Medicaid and Student Insurance


Students receiving Montana Medicaid (medical assistance programs through DPHHS) may be eligible for the Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) program through Medicaid.  HIPP may pay for the student insurance premium for you (subject to eligibility and cost effectiveness requirements). 

To Apply for the HIPP program:

  • EFFECTIVE FALL 2019 elect to REFUSE the student insurance when you register for classes
  • Obtain an application packet, with step by step instructions, from the Student Insurance Office. Packets are available by visting the lobby of the Curry Health Center, or by emailing the Student Insurance Advocate from your assigned University of Montana student email account. Please, remember to include your 790# in the email. (Sorry, Mom and Dad. Because of HIPAA (the Privacy Act) the student must be the one to make the request. They can, however, copy you in the email.) 
  • Read all instructions on the packet carefully.  If you meet the criteria to apply for the HIPP program, the application is sent directly to the address on the front of the application. 
  • If your application is approved by Medicaid, the student insurance will be purchased for you by Medicaid as EXTRA insurance coverage for that semester. NOTE: You must reapply for the program EACH Fall and Spring semester during the registration process. It does not happen automatically. 
  • The charge for the student insurance will be applied to your student account for the semester and Medicaid will be billed for it. 
  • If you do not meet the criteria to apply, or apply and are not approved, then you just continue on with your Montana Medicaid coverage without the extra coverage.

For questions regarding the HIPP program, please contact:

Helen Taffs, HIPP Program Specialist, Montana Medicaid

Please Note:

The Curry Health Center is NOT a Montana Medicaid Passport Provider. Medicaid will not pay for services provided by us. Nor will they reimburse students who pay for services provided by us. 

For questions, or more information, please, contact the Student Insurance Advocate at 406-243-2844, or by email to Please include the 790# student ID number.