Students who pay the Health Services Fee are able to use all of Curry Health Center services. This fee is mandatory at seven credits or more.  Students taking fewer than seven credits may choose to pay the Health Services Fee anytime during the semester if they wish to use Curry Health Center. Contact us if you are enrolled at seven credits or fewer and want to pay the fee.

All fees are billed to your student account.  Curry Health Center does not take payments directly and Curry Health Center Medical does not bill insurance at this time.

Examples of Medical Fees:

  • Regular Office Visit, $15.00
  • Medical Specialist Visit, $20.00
  • Allergy Shots, $10.00
  • Blood Draws, No Charge
  • Pregnancy Test, $8.00
  • Strep Screening, $8.00
  • X-Ray and Reading, $55.00-85.00

Not Enrolled in Summer Session?

Students who were enrolled Spring Semester may use Curry Health Center on a fee for service basis.

Office visits are $40.00.