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Faculty & Staff Trainings

If you’re an instructor, instead of cancelling your class give SARC a call.  Our professional staff can teach a course on First Response, Self-care and stress management, the effects of stress on the body, and healthy relationships.

Healthy Relationships

This training focuses on the things that make relationships work, common stressors that can threaten healthy relationships, effective ways of managing conflict, and helpful methods that can repair potential relationship problems. 


All of us have stress in our lives. This brief training helps participants recognize red flags and engage in healthy stress management. Participants will have the opportunity to develop a self-care plan at the end of the training to help them engage in healthy stress management.

First Responder Training

SARC provides First Responder training to assist faculty and staff to provide support for students in crisis. This training includes the following information and applied experiences: essential active listening; how to support a victim/survivor of sexual assault/domestic violence or aggressive discrimination; and what to do when students are contemplating suicide.