Condom Corner and CARE

The Condom Corner

Condom Corner PhotoGet your FREE safer sex supplies at the Condom Corner: located in Curry Health Center Wellness' lobby at the east end of the building. 

Wellness stocks the Condom Corner with latex condoms (lubed, flavored, colored, non-lubed, etc.), female condoms, finger cots, lube, dental dams, and our one-of-a-kind condom of the week (a featured condom that rotates every week, mostly ONE brand condoms that have a unique attribute).

Safe is sexy, and that's what the condom corner provides for UM students- a healthier, sexier you.

Condom Access for Responsible Encounters (CARE)

Condom Access for Responsible Encounters (CARE)
CARE is a confidential program for UM students designed to increase safer sex and decrease STDs, HIV, and unplanned pregnancy by providing free condoms in campus housing communities, fraternities, and sororities. UM student volunteers (CARE Reps) keep condoms, lubricant, and STD resource information in their rooms for their peers who can then take notice of the CARE REP sign on the outside of a door, knock on the door, and receive free safer sex supplies. CARE Reps agree to have supplies available for their peers whenever they are home.
To find the CARE Reps on your floor, look for this sign hanging on their door.  If you are interested in volunteering to be a CARE Rep, please contact the CARE Coordinator at or 406-243-2809.