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Health Nut gives students all the tips, tricks, and resources necessary to survive college. Recipes, work out ideas, videos, articles by students, stress relief tips, and infographics (ohhhh the infographics) all for you! That, plus a lot more- and we do not over promise and under deliver, k?  So forget the freshman 15, avoid becoming a caffeine-crazed zombie, and let us increase your health so you can be successful at school and in life.

47% of College Students Stress

47% of University of Montana students reported feeling more than average amounts of stress. Health Nut helps you relax.

53% of College Students have Troubled Diets

53% of University of Montana students do not eat enough fruits and vegetables daily. Health Nut gives you healthy recipe ideas.

43% of College Students Sleep Poorly

43% of University of Montana Students reported feeling tired or sleepy during the day. Health Nut helps you get Z's!

71% of College Students Support Smoke-Free a Campus

71% of University of Montana Students support a smoke-free campus. Get help quitting through Health Nut.