Outreach & Peer Education

Peers Reaching Out (PROs)

PROs are UM students who take the HTH 370 class for credit to get involved with current issues (partying safe, safer sex, nutrition, stress, and more) for the student body, meet like-minded people, and learn how to present provocative health topics to their fellow students in the residence halls, classes, fraternities, sororities, and other University groups.

Why Be a PRO?

  • It's a group for health-minded people.
  • Get mandatory credit for HHP or elective credit for another major.
  • Get help developing leadership skills.
  • Gain skills in public speaking, group facilitation, outreach, writing articles, and team-building.
  • Obtain expertise in health-related fields for school and employment in the future.
  • Enjoy a once/semester, leadership retreat weekend, off campus.

Contact Wellness located in the Curry Health Center room 112 or call 243-2809. Internships available.

Wellness Series and PROgrams

Curry Health Center Wellness offers various PROgrams put on by the PROs as well as a Wellness Lecture Series. Any student group, resident assistant, or academic class can request a PROgram anytime and PROs will come present the PROgram of your choice.  The Wellness Lecture Series happens in various locations on campus (residence halls, the U.C., Curry, etc.) where any UM Student is welcome.  Check the list to the right for what we offer, the Curry Health Center Home Page, or our Wellness Series Brochure.

Request a PROgram

Resident Assistants, FIG Leaders, Faculty, and Student Groups are welcome to request PROgramming.  Use our online form to submit your request and we will follow up by phone. Call us at 406-243-2809 with questions.

Sample PROgrams and Wellness Lecture Series:

  • Stress Less. (Outreach Event). When finals are around the corner and papers are due, sometimes the stress can start to get to you. Research shows stress management improves memory and retention and increases test scores, so come through the UC between classes and take a minute or two to stress less. We’ll have refreshments, free chair massages, friendly puppies to pet, a wacky photo booth, and other fun and relaxing stress reducers to help you finish the semester with your sanity intact.
  • I Wanna Sex You Up! Come inside, take off your coat . . . and talk about sex! No matter your gender, orientation, or relationship status, this sex-positive program is guaranteed to light your fire. You’ll probably even learn a thing or two!
  • Aromatherapy. Stressed? Tired? Trouble sleeping? Like yummy smells? Our student led aromatherapy program will give you a chance to sample essential oils and learn about the variety of ways you can use aromatherapy to enhance your life.
  • Pajama Party. Is counting sheep leaving you wooly in the morning? Unable to form simple sentences without caffeine coursing through your veins? You may be in college, but you don’t have to stumble through your days like a Red Bull addicted zombie! Come discover the secrets of sensational sleep and reap the rewards of an energy-filled life. Blankets and pillows optional, fuzzy bunny slippers encouraged.
  • Clean Eating. Confused by the Atkins, grapefruit, South Beach, or blood type diets? Can’t stick with gluten free, dairy free, sugar free or taste free? Need a second job just to pay for those wonder-shakes and super-bars? Keep calm . . . and come to this program. We’ll keep it simple, sustainable, and affordable with demos and recipes for good, clean eating.
  • Relaxation Tips From Around the World. How do they de-stress in Dubai? What’s it take to find inner peace in Panama? What about relaxing in Romania? You’ll travel the world on this quest for tranquility, but you’ll have to leave your baggage behind for this journey.
  • Let’s Get Physical! Whether you’re a seasoned triathlete, or the closest you come to physical activity is an intense game of FIFA on the PS3, we’ve got a program custom fit for your exercise needs. This workout is designed to work for you. Core strength or cardio? Five minutes for fitness or an hour for power? On the oval listening to tunes or at home watching Sportscenter? We’ll provide the tools; the rest is up to you. So leave the excuses at the door . . . and let’s get physical!
  • Bottle Top BINGO. This is a twist on the original game and provides you education on how to drink alcohol safely while still having fun.  You’ll never have to ask the question, “What happened to me last night?”
  • Naughty Apples. Modeled after the popular game, Apples to Apples, our fun and educational game teaches you information on sex, alcohol, and so much more. Have a good laugh and learn how to better your health at the same time!
  • Safer Sex Twister. Get twisted in this interactive game to test your physical and intellectual skills! Teams compete to see who can answer the most sexual health related questions and get across the huge twister board first.
  • Optimal Bear Bash. Want to throw a little party rather than program?  Now is your chance!  These are small get together where Optimal Bear Certified Wellness Coaches come to your residence hall or group meeting to throw an awesome wellness event.  Subjects can be something you're looking to work on in your life or from a list of topics we've done in the past like Time Management, Fitness, Healthy Eating, Sleep, Stress, etc. Example Bash: Whine and Dine. Decompress from your stress while we show you and your friends how to make a healthy, gourmet meal on a budget.  You just provide the ingredients from our list!